How to Install the YouTube mp3 downloader Extension: Easy Steps 2020

YouTube Mp3 Downloader extension

What is a YouTube Mp3 Downloader extension?

A YouTube Mp3 downloader extension is a plugin you install in your browser to help you download Mp3 music from YouTube. The extension functions as if it is an original component of the browser.

As you know, chrome allows extensions that seek to improve your user experience. They usually come in handy in doing basic tasks that would be otherwise difficult to perform.

The YouTube Mp3 downloader extension grabs music videos playing on YouTube and allows you to convert them to mp3 and download. It is an excellent alternative to downloading from online platforms.

How Do I Install the YouTube Mp3 Downloader Extension?

Open Google Chrome browser on your PC and search for Chrome Webstore. Open the Chrome Webstore then search for YouTube to Mp3 downloader extension. There will be a wide range of other extensions hence the reason you need to search for it.

Once you have found the extension, click on add to chrome. It might tell you the permissions it will need for it to perform optimally. It will then proceed to install itself in your browser.

How Do I Download videos on YouTube with the extension?

To download a video on YouTube, go to YouTube, then search for the video you want. You can then click on the desired extension on the extensions tab. Ensure you pin it to find it easily.

When you click on the extension, it will open another page where you can choose the format of the file you want. You can opt for either youtube playlist to mp3or Mp4 video.

After selecting the format of the video, you want to click on download, and the video or Mp3 will start downloading.

You can also use it to download videos off other sites, not just YouTube.

Some of the features of this extension are:

  • Accessible over various platforms, not just YouTube
  • It converts the YouTube video to the desired format before downloading
  • It has a simple download button
  • Offers up to 1080 HD quality of downloads
  • Offers up to 256kbps quality of Mp3 files

The main issue with this extension is that it will tend to lead your straight to another page where it prompts you to install another extension. Unless you trust the attachment, please don’t install it.

You can always ignore the prompted extension.

Why Use the Extension If I can still download YouTube videos online?

This is a classic case of one man’s meat being another man’s poison. Some people prefer to download using online platforms as they deem them safer than extensions. That might be true, but online platforms aren’t that safe either.

An extension would save you the time with copying links to an online platform. That is because you can download mp3 music with a single click on the extension.

It is, therefore, advisable to go for whatever works for you.

What do you look for In Downloader Extension?

Before installing any extension, you have to consider a few issues—that isn’t any different for the YouTube Mp3 downloader extension.

  • Safety of your data- Before installing, you need to know whether your data will be safe. That’s why you should consider only those extensions that have good reviews with other users. Also, never install an extension that doesn’t have any customer reviews.
  • Free- We don’t need to emphasize this. It should be free. That’s why you are using it in the first place
  • Ease of use- A useful downloader extension should be simple to use. You don’t want extensions that take you to another page to download a file. Thankfully, the YouTube Mp3 downloader extension is simple enough.
  • Speed- A right downloader extension should offer fast download speeds. You are using it to speed up downloads, not slow them down.

Do I have to install this Extension If I can Access one Online?

An online video and mp3 downloader are a great option since you can use it anywhere and on any device. We also understand that for some people installing this software might be a problem.

There is also a chance that the extension you have installed isn’t that safe. Such an extension might be risky to your data. Some may contain malware and viruses that could be potentially dangerous from your device.

Google has, however, put in place some measures aimed at weeding out suspicious extensions from the Chrome Webstore. If you have any doubts about the extension, you can uninstall it or report abuse.

Final Thoughts

Whether downloading from an online platform or using an extension, it all boils down to getting the music on your device. The YouTube Mp3 downloader extension is undoubtedly a great way to access your favourite music at a click of a button.


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