Core Advantage of Intelligent Video Surveillance System

Surveillance System

Just a few years ago, most businesses relied on analogue-technology based video surveillance systems to monitor their premises. This piece of technology wasn't great at its job, though it was considered a game-changing security solution at the time.

The downside of traditional video surveillance systems could be seen in the fact that they required a real person to be monitoring the video feed 24/7. Before you could view what happened, the harm had already been done. It turns out this wasn't an effective security solution at all.

Now, we live in a completely different world with more advanced video surveillance systems. Thanks to fast evolving technological trends across all industries, video surveillance systems went digital, and have gone on to blend with artificial intelligence.

The core advantages of Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems far outweigh those of traditional video surveillance systems. Consequently, analogue-based surveillance video systems are being phased out rapidly.

The Benefits of Intelligent Video Surveillance System

The core advantage of an Intelligent Video Surveillance System is its ability to protect company assets, including both its infrastructure and its workforce. Digital video security systems, along with artificial intelligence, can help organizations to monitor threats as they develop.

These intelligent tools can identify abnormal movement patterns and also relay information to the right security authorities allowing them to react in real time.

Interestingly, this is all done automatically, thus eliminating the need for constant human monitoring. That's the beauty of IP-enabled CCTV systems.

Here are even more core advantages of Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems

Improves Security

The video resolution of an Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems is a lot better than its analogue counterpart. Higher quality images and real-time monitoring of events mean that companies are now well-equipped to fight theft and vandalism. As a result, crime rates and losses will be reduced.

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Easier Installation

Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems are easier to set up than analogue security cameras, which often require complex wiring procedures before they can output multiple video feeds.

Digital video surveillance systems require less equipment to operate effectively.

Enhanced Storage Capacity

Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems have ample storage for footage. On the other hand, most traditional surveillance systems used tape recorders for storage. This inefficient system reduced the number of events that could be recorded.

Supports Remote Monitoring

So far, one of the most amazing benefits of intelligent cameras is their ability to support online monitoring from anywhere. Once you have an internet connection on your device (PC or smartphone), you can monitor your security systems by logging in. Furthermore, the remote monitoring is backed by online access to archived video feeds.

Lowers Cost

Intelligent Video Security Systems do not take up large spaces, compared to traditional surveillance systems. Since digital security cameras have higher resolutions and wider fields of view, you only need a few of them to cover large areas.

While the complex wiring of traditional surveillance cameras made future integration even harder, intelligent surveillance cameras are easier to integrate into an existing network.

All in all, operational costs can be cut down, while increasing productivity, with intelligent video surveillance systems since they only need few people to monitor them.


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