How to Use Facebook Messenger Rooms — Video Calling & Chat With Up To 50 People at Once

How to Use Facebook Messenger Rooms

World famous social media platform Facebook has recently introduced a new video calling feature, also known as ‘Messengers Rooms’, which is — of course — available for free for all the existing Facebook users. Now, you can simply video chat with up to 50 people at one time without any time limit and all this simply by creating a chat room. Though this is a simple feature that is available in almost every video conferencing tool, the best part is that Facebook Messenger Room is available for those who don’t have a Facebook account. Everyone can join the call directly through the Messenger app without actually having a Facebook account. Though people in the USA can use Messenger Rooms on Facebook as well, it will be available globally in the next update.

Here’s how to create Messenger Rooms globally on your iOS and Android smartphones. It’s not a big deal to create a room, make sure you’re using the latest version of Messenger to create rooms. If you are joining a chat, you can do it easily by accessing a link or room shared with you through a web browser.

How to Create Messenger App and Invite Up To 50 People

Messengers Rooms are widely popular among the corporate employees, teachers & students and you can easily try them when you open your updated Facebook Messenger app. If you’re unable to see pop-up, you can simply hit on the “people” tab on your Facebook Messenger app and select the option “Create a Room”.

  • Download ‘Messenger’ app from Google Play Store.

  • Open the chat section and tap on the ‘People section’.

  • Tap on the ‘Active’ to check who is active right at this moment.

  • Choose the option ‘Create a room’ and Rooms will be created here in this section.

  • You can invite your friends, and others simply by sharing a quick access link to a video chat room appearing on your screen.

  • Everyone can join the video chat with this link on Messenger app.

  • In case you want to remove or somebody wants to leave the chat, there will be an option on the left-hand side to exit the chat. 


Keep in mind that all users with the access link will be able to see each other's profile, video and name as well. In addition to making this video chat even more interesting — Messenger Chat Room can be shared in the News Feed, Facebook groups and events as well. Also, if you don’t want to wait, you can leave and let others join the chat first. This Messenger Rooms feature is simply amazing as you can connect to up to 50 people at once and share everything that you’ve been missing due to lockdown. With high-end privacy & safety features, this video chat tool is just perfect for everyone who wants to reunite his friends & group. Also, you can access Messenger Rooms using the Facebook app. Here’s how—

How to Use the Messenger Room on Facebook?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, creating and using the Messengers Rooms on the main Facebook app is only available in the United States. It will be available globally soon. Therefore, here’s how to access Messenger Rooms through the main Facebook app.

  • Update your Facebook app to the latest version.

  • You will see a prompt for creating Room in the new feed on the top when opening the app.

  • You can now start and share Messenger Rooms on the Facebook app through your news feed. 


It’s almost similar to using Messenger Room on the Messenger app and you can simply invite Facebook groups, events and pages to join you on Video Chat.  The video chat options here will be as same as the Messenger app barring some additional features as you can allow selection people to join the chat room and see your profile. Using the Messenger Room on Facebook app is perhaps safer and faster than Messenger, but this feature is available only in the United States. Also, you can schedule when making your room go live through the “Start Time” setting. This could be very handy if you’re hosting a live concert or webinar using the service. This is how to create & use Facebook Messenger Rooms. If you’re not interested in this then here are some other video conferencing and other gathering tools that you can use to reunite your group.


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