Oneplus Wrap Charger 30 Wireless Dock With Ultra-Fast Speed

Oneplus Wrap Charger 30 Wireless Dock

OnePlus is the prominent brand as of now for its successful smartphones. But now it is not lagged behind for its other technology also as it has introduced its new product on the request of its fans. Yes, you have read it correct. The company has just launched its new flagship phone OnePlus 8 Pro that has fantastic features and to complement its features, the company also launched a Wrap Charger 30 Wireless Dock

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OnePlus 8 Pro is the first phone from the house of OnePlus with wireless charging. The wireless charger is packed in the stand style - similar to Google. The charger is rated to provide 30W of robust power to charge wirelessly to the phones like OnePlus 8 Pro. The company has committed this dock can fill up half of the 4510 mAh battery of the phone in just 30 minutes. 

The charger has a fan on the back to keep the temperature in check. Usually, charging at high speed causes heat, considering that the company has solved this problem by putting a fan on the back of the device. The fan allows you to fill the battery without increasing the temperature of the surface area that also enhances your experience and increases the life of your power cell. 

Having a 30W wireless charger in hand is one thing, but how it performs is another. If we talk about the performance of the wireless charger then it is pretty much what company promised during the launch. Also, if the wireless charger is not moveable then it is useless. You can relate the statement with its weight. You can just place your charger according to your convenience, meaning it is too lightweight - just 166 grams.  Unfortunately, the power is non-removable so you can just swap it.

Apparently, this wireless charger has made some drastically changes in the market of wireless chargers. It is tending that Wrap Charger 30 Wireless Dock is the most powerful charger yet in the market. 

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