A Guide To Google Meet: How To Use Google Meet Is No More Hurdle

How to Use Google Meet

It is hard to find a quintessential and reliable team chat and video tool for the business purpose but going with Google can give you a different experience. Google has various chat and video options including Hangout, Duo, and now Google Meet. 

You’re now wondering, it would be hard to understand and use this new app. Here's a quick overview of Google Meet to use it at ease. Let's start:

1. Open Meet

To start a session with Google Meet, simply go to the link https://meet.google.com. If you already have a Google account, you can sign in and access the Meet interface. 

Those who are with the G-Suite Account can only access the full version of Meet. Anyone With Google account can join a Meet but can’t host it. Also, Meet is available by default on the Google Apps panel if you have people G-Suite. 

2. Start Meet

Once you have open Meet, a clickable panel will be shown on the desktop that allows you to ‘Join or Start a Meeting’. If you’ve previously scheduled a meeting, it will also display on your screen. 

To join a meeting, you need to give a name to that meeting, and then click on the ‘Continue’ to join. 

3. Be a Presenter

Being a presenter, you can share your desktop with any other attendees. It is not an exclusive feature for the person who creates Meet or gets there first but still worth noting.

4. Camera & Sound

When you’re done with all setup, your system will immediately ask for conferencing functionality, including audio input and video links. Sound and Video are off by default, but simply clicking on the icons at the bottom of the display panel you can easily see the features. 

5. Add People

A meeting is successful when it has several people. Once the meeting has been commenced, you can add more people to it that aren’t already invited. 

Note- You can simply share the link of the Meet on Email and other messaging apps just to invite more people to your meeting. 

Also, one phone number is provided by the Meet. This should be a number of the Country where the G -Suite account is registered, but all regions are not available. With the help of this, anyone can join the meeting but with just an audio connection as the participants added via this phone number will not be able to see any visual presentation or the videos of the participants. 

6. Show a Desktop Presentation

It is a very useful app for presentations. Being a Meet presenter, you can either be seen in person by the attendees or have the contents of your computer visible. The control of the presentation is on the bottom right of the panel and you can select if the entire screen or only an application window can be visible. This option is really useful if your presentation is on PowerPoint or for software training.

It is a powerful and reliable tool for presentation as there are limitations to what you can present from the desktop. 

7. Control Attendees

Isn’t it interesting? Yes, it is true that you mute attendees. If you don't want to listen to a particular person. Click on the person from the list and his audio will mute and the video will pause. But others can still hear and see him. 

8. Chat Access

Audio and video are an expected option in video but Meet also has a messaging solution inbuilt. Through this, you can give and take important information to the members and keep it safe for further use. And sending messages is too easy as you can message to all attending without selecting an individual. 

Mobile Meet App  

For those who want to use Meet on their mobile phone, they can use it with the help of apps for Android and iOS phones both. 

Google names the app called ‘Hangout Meet’, merging two names of similar products for one. Simply, Hangout Meet is the mobile version of Google Meet and it perfectly enables phones and tablets as well to access a meeting in the same way as the Chrome interface. You can join the ongoing meeting with the help of a code. You’ll be asked for a code that is the same as listed in the Meet link. One disappointing thing is, you can't get a chance to host a meeting on your mobile phone. 

The good thing is, if you get disconnected due to the poor connection once after connecting, you can again join the meeting quickly with the help of the same code. The mobile app shows the attendees list similar to web apps and also allows the phone to ‘present’ if you want to show others an app or data. 

Schedule Meeting

Meetings are important and should be organized at a scheduled time. For this, allow Meet to arrange the event for you using Google Calendar. If you use Google Calendar, you can create an event for the future. Just add participants, and a Hangout Meet will automatically start a meeting with those who are invited, even if you have added a single person. 

For the complete leverage and smooth meeting, it is always good to check your camera and microphones correctly before joining a meeting. Therefore, if you have G-Suite, it's time to patch up with Meet and bring more productiveness to your business and work.

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