What Is The Chrome Password Manager And How To Use It Efficiently?

Chrome Password Manager

In today’s techno-enabled digital world, it sounds strange to memorize all the passwords, contact, and login details. People are no longer in the habit of remembering things, hence they rely on either notepad or autofill for social media passwords, user login details, and internet banking passwords and other online payment details. And, it scales up a level harder when you juggle so much on the internet across multiple websites. It is slightly hard to maintain all the passwords, user details, and other details in mind until you become Carl Gauss or Arya Bhatt.

If you’ve been fed up with tracking your passwords and login credentials, Google Chrome’s new feature can assist you to some extent. It recently launched a password tracking tool, namely ‘Chrome Password Manager’ whose work basically is to keep your passwords on your fingertips. 

Just like autofill in Apple’s Safari browser, this one in your chrome browser can track & store the login details you use to access a website, social media account or even your online banking passwords to enable you to sign in with one master password for all the websites you access through Google Chrome browser. The chrome Password Manager is an advanced tool that tracks your login details and passwords for easier & faster login in the future. Also, it generates random passwords for you, which is strong and securely stored in your Google account. However, it somehow prevents you from picking up the same password for all the websites, which is, of course, a security breach in this cyber world. 
The Google Chrome Password Manager is not as effective as other password manager apps like Lastpass or Dashlane, but it’s safe & secure as it manages your login details across multiple devices you login using the same Google account. Here’s How to set up and use Chrome Password Manager efficiently. Learn to maintain your login credentials and passwords in one go. 

How to manage your login details with Chrome Password Manager on Windows or Mac?

You can use Google’s chrome password manager to manage your login details separately on your Mac or PC and other devices as well. Here’s how it works;

  • Open Chrome browser and click on your profile on the top right on your screen and tap password (a key icon along with payment methods, address, and more below your name & profile picture).

  • You will be redirected to a page where you can toggle on or off to enable Chrome Password Manager to save passwords and autofill when you access the websites.

  • Go to the saved passwords, click the website names to check what websites you can access through Google Chrome Password Manager. You can also check for the password for that website if you've created any specific password. To add another brick of security, it requires your laptop’s password to view the site’s login details such as username & password.

  • Move to more actions menu, which is one with the three vertical dots. Here you can remove websites and login credentials from the password manager. 

How to Change Password with Google Chrome Password Manager?

Of course, you must change your password frequently to prevent cyber attacks. To provide you with an efficient way to change the password and update the new password on all the websites you used to access, Chrome Password Manager comes up with an amazing feature. Here’s how it works;

  • Open Google’s Password Manager Website on your smartphone, laptop, or desktop.

  • Scroll down to reach the Sites and Apps section, and click on the website name whose password you want to change. It may require your Google account password before you make the changes.

  • Click on the edit button, and go to the password section to edit the password. If you want to see your password instead of a series of dots, click to Show Password icon.


You can also check if your log-in credentials have been exposed or stolen as a part of a security breach.

How to Generate a Password Using Google’s Password Manager?

There is no doubt in saying that Google can track your password more efficiently than anything else. But, it can also generate & suggest some strongest passwords for you that are hard to crack by hackers. So, it can then automatically store your password and update it to the rest of the websites and accounts. Here’s how to generate a new password using Chrome Password Manager.

  • First, turn on auto sync by tapping your profile on the top right. 

  • Now visit the website you want to create accounts, click to the password section, and use the suggested password (appearing in a box).

  • Now, you don’t need to note down your password in a diary or worry about any breach because Google Chrome Password Manager will autofill the password on your next visit.


If you are facing chrome issues on Windows 10, here is how to fix Google Chrome not responding issue on Windows 10. Also, here are some amazing facts about your favorite search engine Google. We hope you will love our guide on how to use Chrome Password Manager.

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