How To Set Wi-Fi Priority On Android, iOS, And Windows

how to set wifi priority

Wi-Fi is one of the most important technologies that stand steadily in today’s emerging environment. Wi-Fi connectivity has become as important as air thus it’s better to learn how to set Wifi priority. Here in this blog, we will teach you how to set priority on Wifi. Using our quick guide, you can make the most out of your wifi, be it a mobile hotspot or public connection.

Let’s check it out.

The Issue

It is strange but, the presence of numerous WiFi networks has emerged their own downsides. Most times, you will find that your laptop is connected to a weaker network (Wi-Fi Router) instead of the one that is nearest and has a strong network reach. Suppose, you have the main router and Wi-Fi repeater at the farthest point of your house. And, your laptop still connects to the main router instead of connecting to the repeater which has been placed around. In this case, it becomes complicated to switch back to another router every time you use Wi-Fi.

The same problem extends to a scenario when you have multiple ISP’s and want to prioritize them for multiple purposes. There was no way to do the same until now.

The Solution

Luckily, we have found how to prioritize Wifi networks across multiple platforms - Android, iOS, and Windows as well. If you want a separate space for using different ISPs linked to your Wi-Fi network, follow the steps below. Let’s check how to set wifi priority.

Note: We have mentioned different ways to prioritize wifi, so make sure you read the complete blog for better understanding.

How To Set Priority on Wi-Fi Using Flyout?

One of the most reliable and quick ways to set wifi priority is to use a Network Flyout feature. It is available in the taskbar. Here’s how to prioritize wifi using flyout.

  • Click the Wireless icon available on the bottom-right corner of the taskbar.

  • Choose the Wi-Fi network you want to prioritize.

  • Look at the Connect Automatically option.

  • Click to Connect.


While this process doesn’t focus on any specific details when you choose to “Connect Automatically” option, you also allow configuring the connection as your new priority.

If you don’t want to make a particular Wi-Fi network a priority, you must leave the Connect Automatically option untouched at the time you configure for a new connection. Additionally, if you are already connected to a network, simply disconnect the connection, and reconnect to clear the ‘Connect Automatically’ option.

How to Change Wireless Connection Priority Using Command Prompt?

Apart from Flyout, you can use the Netsh on Command Prompt to change the priority of the Wireless Networks. However, unlike the previous procedure, Netsh allows you to check connection priorities whether you’re connected or disconnected from the network. Additionally, you can change the priority for every connection shown on your device (Smartphone or Laptop). Here is a quick guide to learn how to set up wifi priorities in the span of minutes.

  • Click to Start

  • Search for Command Prompt, right-click at the top result and click Run As Administrator.

  • Type this command to prepare a list of all the wireless networks, you’ve got connected to in the past. You can get the complete list by hitting the ENTER key.

    • Netsh WLAN Show Profiles
  • Draft a note of all the Wi-Fi networks that you want to prioritize.

  • Type this command to recognize the name of wireless networks and hit the ENTER key.

    • Netsh WLAN Show Interface
  • Prepare a list of adapter names that you want to be in the list of prioritized Wi-Fi.

  • Type this final command to configure the connection priority and hit the ENTER key.

    • Netsh WLAN set profile order name=" NETWORK-PROFILE-NAME" Interface=" YOUR-INTERFACE-NAME" priority=1


Make sure to mention the Network Profile name when typing the command. Also, prioritize the name of the network adapter. Once you are done with these steps, your system/device will always connect to the network you’ve prioritized. In case the specific network is not available, it will try to connect to the next priority on the list. 

If that’s not all you were looking for, here is how to set wifi priority on various platforms.

How to Prioritize WiFi Networks on Android Device

Being one of the most popular mobile Operating Systems, Android doesn’t have any specific feature to prioritize Wi-Fi networks. Need not worry, you can still prioritize your WiFi on Android using any third-party application.

Before proceeding, we would like to notify you that some of the custom Android Roms feature a built-in WiFi network priority setting. You can find this feature in the Wi-Fi settings. There are multiple applications that work by frequently monitoring the network strength and switching between the nearest and strangers network within your reach.

You just need to Install WiFi Prioritizer and Enable Scheduled Job option. Additionally, you can change the refresh frequency by going through the settings. It required less time compared to other options on the list.

How to Prioritize WiFi on iOS?

Since there are a lot of iPhones around, it is better to learn how to prioritize WiFi on iOS. However, Apple doesn’t offer a specific WiFi prioritization feature on the iPhone. While this may sound slightly bummer, you can prioritize wireless networks on your iOS by connecting your iPhone with your macOS. In this case, all the devices are likely to be connected to the same network. 

How to Prioritize WiFi Networks on Windows Laptop?
And, here is the best in the last. Windows is undoubtedly the most popular platform that has been used widely thus it makes more sense to address how to prioritize wifi on Windows.

  • Click Windows Key + X and select Network Connections

  • In this step press the ALT key and go to Advanced Settings.

  • Now you can set WiFi priority by clicking the arrows.


This is pretty much an explanation of how to prioritize wireless networks on Windows. However, the option may vary depending on the Windows version but the procedure will remain the same.

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