What Is LinkedIn & How It Surpassed The Competitors?

What is LinkedIn

Today, everyone is on LinkedIn, from students to freshers and even professionals. You may have seen people scrolling through the page, building connections and liking posts on their LinkedIn account. Doesn’t it make you curious to know ‘what is LinkedIn’ and how has it surpassed thousands of competitors, becoming the leading choice for users all over the world? If it does, then hop on as we are going to uncover the truth behind the success story of LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn?

What is LinkedIn? An American business and employment-oriented social media platform launched in 2003 May 3. It can be operated via websites and mobile apps. It’s a platform used by all, regardless of their qualification or status; you can be students, freshers, experienced, job seekers, recruiters or professionals building their brands. LinkedIn is primarily used for career development and professional networking. 

LinkedIn allows students to grow and make new connections. It lets job seekers find their aspired job opportunities by posting their skills and expertise on the profile page and filtering the job search. For recruiters, LinkedIn helps them find suitable candidates and professionals can use this platform to grow their brands. You can also gain knowledge in your respective fields through this platform.

How does LinkedIn operate?

Now that you know what LinkedIn is, you would be curious about how this platform operates to reach the heights it is today. There are over thousands or millions of platforms providing opportunities and features similar to LinkedIn but how many people know about them?

The reason behind the great success of LinkedIn lies in its user-friendly interface. The platform is very easy to use, just create an account, fill the profile page with qualifications, skills and abilities, follow the pages & people and you are good to go. Isn’t it easy? LinkedIn knows that people like things smooth and they gave them what they needed, gaining high popularity and love all around the globe.

LinkedIn Advantages

Here are a few advantages that users get who understand ‘what is LinkedIn?’. If you know how to use it for the benefit and not just social media platforms.

1. The best platform to make connections

As discussed above, LinkedIn has a user-friendly interface thus resulting in a high number of users. You can connect with almost everyone, even Bill Gates if approached accordingly. Just show your skills and connect with people from every corner of the world.

2. Most recruiters have a LinkedIn profile

Recruiters love LinkedIn as it helps them find the perfect candidate for a job position and can easily reach out to them. If you have a vacant job profile, just post the ad along with other required details and you will have a long list of choices.

3. Help to gain knowledge about companies

Almost every company and brand is on LinkedIn today, regardless of their sector. All you have to do is search the name of the company or domain you want to follow and you will have the results in front of you. Follow your favourite brands and enhance your knowledge.

4. Supports you to build your brand

If you know what LinkedIn is, you would know it’s the perfect place to promote and build your brand or company. Along with other social media apps, promote your brand here, showcase what it has to offer and you can gain thousands of followers overnight.

5. Can help stay on the market trend?

LinkedIn is a great place to acquire knowledge of new trends in the market along with its other features. If you follow the right groups and companies, you will never be left out in business-related discussions.

6. Can help to seek dream jobs

It’s the perfect place to gain job opportunities in your area of expertise. A little difficult for freshers than experienced users but a place to grow nonetheless.

7. Helps you receive skill endorsements

LinkedIn also provides the feature of gaining new skills which is a great way to grow on a professional level in the comfort of your home. 


In the former section, we discussed what LinkedIn is, how it operates and what are the advantages of using LinkedIn. In short, we can conclude that LinkedIn is a business-oriented social media app where job seekers can find job opportunities while the recruiters get the required candidate. 

We hope this article comes to your help, drop the comments if you have any suggestions or remarks below.

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