What Is Data Breach And How To Avoid Data Breach In Small And Big Companies?

How To Avoid Data Breach

Our lives are stringed to the online world. Whether it be online shopping or transferring money from one bank account to another, the internet has made our lives easier. This is just one side of the coin that looks good when it comes to convenience and ease. However, the other side of the coin is shabby that comes in the form of a data breach. 

Before we discuss anything else, let’s first explain what is a data breach?

What is Data Breach?

A data breach is the disclosure of confidential or private data intentionally or unintentionally to an unsecured or untrusted environment. A data breach can take place accidentally or due to a deliberate attack. 

To avoid the threat of data breach, make sure that you get your services from a reliable service provider like Charter Spectrum because providers like these comes with a complete protection suite that keeps you safe from all sorts of online threats. 

Who is Responsible for Data Breach?

Generally, it is assumed that the data breach occurs due to the interference of hackers. However, it is not the case always. A data breach can occur in several ways, including:

1. When an employee of a company uses the device or computer of another peer and getsunauthorized access to files without permission. However, the access can be unintentional and there is little to no chance that the information is leaked or shared with any other unauthorized person. 

2. The person accesses the data intentionally and shares it with others to cause harm to the individual or the company. 

3. The accidental loss or theft of the device without proper encryption containing sensitive information.

4. Hackers who look forward to loopholes in the network or payment gateway and get into the system to reveal private and sensitive information.

Ways to Avoid Data Breaches?

Let’s find out how you can avoid data breaches. 

Restrict Access to Private and Confidential Data

In the past, employees were able to access the files, without any restriction or encryption. With the advent of time and rising data breaches, companies are learning new ways to restrict and limit access to confidential and private data. For instance, the financial information saved in a document should be accessible to authorized personnel only.

By restricting the access to view certain files, you can limit employees who might access the file accidentally. As more and more organizations are relying on cloud solutions to store data, the vulnerability to access files and information without proper authorization is increasing. The companies need to restrict access to private and confidential data as much as possible. 

Ensure Third Party Vendors to Comply 

Big and small enterprises have to deal with several third party vendors. To be on the safe side, companies must make sure that these parties are involved in legal activities and aren’t involved in stealing or hacking the company’s private data. For instance, the person responsible for delivering logistics might have been released from prison due to exposing the information and hacking the important files. Make sure to check the legitimacy of the company and individuals to ensure the security and privacy of your data. 

Installing and Upgrading Antivirus Software 

When it comes to protecting your company’s private and confidential information, all the devices and PCs must have the latest security systems. In case of any threats such as viruses, Trojans, and malicious links, it is better to install the latest antivirus software. The software cannot only inform you of any potential threats but also remove the files that are risky and pose a serious threat to the system and the company’s data. Moreover, the antivirus software must be upgraded from time to time to ensure its functioning. 

Encryption and Two-Factor Authentication 

There are plenty of ways to deal with data breach and security threat. Especially when it comes to an online transaction, the apps and software must be properly encrypted. Moreover, two-factor authentication will add an extra layer of security to protect you against hacking and other threats. 

Final Verdict 

When it comes to the benefits of the internet, you can’t even keep count. However, the risks associated with the internet are also to be considered as a top priority. Make sure to follow the aforementioned steps to protect yourself from the risks of data breaches. 

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