What Is the Effect of EV SSL On The Website Ranking?



Page ranking is an algorithm used by Google to decide the orientation of its search results page. When any keywords are typed in the search bar on the Google homepage, the corresponding page results that appear, follow a certain order. Google’s page rank is used to determine the order in which the search results are shown.

Better page ranks lead to better visibility as your website is shown among the first few website links in the search page or even if you can manage to land it anywhere on the first page that is also good enough. More visibility leads to more traffic on your website and hence more popularity which is exactly what each website owner requires.

Google also considers other factors for search ranking and website security is one of them. If we look at security, SSL is one of the major factors that website holder should not overlooked. EV SSL certificate bears the highest validation in SSL category.

  • What is EV SSL?

EV SSL is the abbreviation of Extended Validation Secure Sockets Layer which a protocol specially used to ensure that the data being transferred is well encrypted and safe. Protection of data entered by the customer, authentication of the owner of a website, and ensuring tamper-free data are three aspects that an EV SSL aims to achieve while transmitting data.

Trust is the foundation of a relationship between a company and its customers. It is the key to retaining customers and spreading positive reviews to reel in new customers. Google has always been concerned with the safety of website data.

  • What EV SSL offers?

EV SSL provides the perfect security, data integrity, and authentication to give the required page rank boost to your website. In order to give the customers some privacy of data that they enter in the websites, the data that is transmitted is in the form of encrypted keywords which cannot be directly understood by potential cybercriminals.

The EV SSL handshake is used to achieve authentication and make sure that both parties are truly those who they claim to be. EV SSL is also used to check data integrity by making sure that while the data is on the move it not modified or tampered with.

This is the kind of technology needed to make the website worthy for better SEO rankings by Google. Hence the idea to buy an EV SSL certificate is one that should be considered very seriously.

It is more important to invest in security and buy EV SSL certificates as a very small percent of the total number of websites on the internet direct a user to a secure address by default, hence these 1-2 million websites are ranked higher than other websites.

  • Higher ROI:

Website’s address in the address bar is preceded by https are secure websites and help maintain a trustworthy relationship with their customers. As soon as the customers notice the https or the green address bar that shows up in EV SSL certified websites they become relaxed as they know that the website is secure, and their data is not subjected to any risk.

EV Certificates offer the highest conversion rates and the greatest level of trust with the end user. For example, PaperCheck company was able to increase signups by around 87% simply by switching to EV certificatesHigher satisfied customers tend to come back in future on your website thus, it will increase higher conversion rate on the site and helps to increase ROI in long run.

  • Company Name in Address Bar:

Moreover, the address bar shows company name with EV bar that also assures customers that they are on the right website. EV SSL certificate and customer trust go hand in hand. Most customers will avoid websites marked as insecure or unprotected or websites which don't have an https as they wouldn’t take a risk with their data and devices.

SSL websites load much quicker than non-SSL websites, and customers tend to leave a website if it doesn’t load within a stipulated time, fearing that something may be wrong or just out of impatience.

  • Google Considers HTTPS:

Around 5 years ago, in 2014 this most popular search engine giant announcedthat it will hereby consider website security as one of the parameters for page ranking in its search results. Hence hereafter, the websites which are not given a certificate for being secure will be marked as unprotected, insecure and ranked lower in the search results while the websites which are secure will be given preference.

HTTPS websites are a major part of page one results in google search page. After 2014 Google’s new page ranking algorithm included HTTPS as a factor for SEO ranking. Further, Google also stated in the 2015 year, that HTTPS was being used to decide preference in case two pages were equal in all other factors.

  • For Large Companies:

Now if you have a large company a single named SSL won’t be just enough. But here is where multi domain SSL comes to your rescue. Service providers either need a secure website for their customers or run services for business who need to secure their portals.

They might also have multiple websites or even different domains that need to be perfectly secure. Therefore, the one stop solution is a multi-domain EV SSL. So, with a multi domain EV SSL you don’t have the problem of only having one name. You can have as many names as you want.

Final Thought:

Hence investing in EV SSL certificates for your website helps increase customer trust and ranks your page higher in the google search results. This, in turn, helps in increasing the visibility of the website and providing customers a safe platform where their data is encrypted and not subject to the potential threats that exist. With Google increasing the importance it gives to secure webpages in its page ranking algorithm, it is essential to make sure your website has an EV SSL certificate and hence a better page rank in the google search page.


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