What Is Data Loss Prevention And Why You Need It?

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention (the term which is well known as DLP) is a combination of tools, that is used by almost every organisations all over the globe to ensure that sensitive data is never misused, not accessed by unauthorised persons and lost.

So, why you need DLP for your business? You need it for your business because when you adapt DLP, it starts to regulate, confidential and business's critical data and identifies violations of business policies which are defined by organisations or within a predefined policy packet, typically driven by regulatory compliance such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, or GDPR.

once any of the above data violation found by DLP, it impose the process to correct the error by giving alert signals, encryption, and all other possible actions to prevent users from accidentally or maliciously sharing the important data that can cause hazards to the organisation.

What Actually Data Loss Prevention Software Does?

DLP software always keep on scanning the systems to identify all the potential data breaches and monitor them to prevent data loss by monitoring and detecting sensitive data while being in motion (network traffic), at rest (data storage) and while being in use at endpoint actions.

In the working of big organisations where data recovery is quite difficult by using recovery software, there DLP always play crucial role by following the strategy to make sure that any user in the organisation don't share any critical or sensitive data outside the corporate network. In simple words, the working strategy of DLP can also be described that DLP software is a perfect combination of tools that helps a network administrator to control what data end users can transfer.

Three Reasons Why Organisations Need Data Loss Prevention

1. Intellectual Property Protection: Mainly there are three type of business that are perfect example of "why IP Protection is important?"

TradeMarks: if your organisation deals in Trademarks, then it is one of the necessary tool that you need to protect the company names, symbols, brand logos, and phrases.

Patents: In Patent business world it is used to protect design process and manufacturing.

Copyrights: It is used to provide full protection to the original works such as arts, dance, literature or anything which can be copied.

If your business have some state secret or does any trade whose leak could effect your business and put it into some serious financial health and brand image at the risk from where either it can be lost or stolen. Then your business needs to be protected against these unwanted exfiltration of data by applying controls on unauthorised users. Because these DLP solutions use context-based classification that can classify intellectual property in both structured and unstructured forms.

2. Data Breach Cost Time and Money: whenever data breaches happen every business owner has to suffer because these data breaches are always expensive as they could end up in paying you fines, incur negative points on business's goodwill, lose strategic customers and leave you prone to legal action.

3. Personal Information Protection: If your business is about collecting personal data or PII (Personally identifiable information) PHI (Protected Health Information) or PCI (Payment Card Information). If so, then you are more likely governed to compliance regulations, such as HIPAA for PHI and GDPR (for personal data of EU residents. As these authorities require you to protect your customers sensitive data.


In recent times, more than 50 countries have effective working laws for data protection that ensures that every organisation/business comply with their laws or pay sturdy penalties as fines.

Data loss is always painful whether it is lost from your mac, computer or from your business. Tools that are required to recover data are often expensive and require tech knowledge to perform data recovery whether is it mac data recovery or windows.

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