How To Clean Your Laptop Screen And Keyboard With Household Items At Ease

How To Clean Your Laptop Screen and Keyboard

All electronic gadgets get dirty over time. But how to clean these electronic items as they are not water-resistance, especially laptops. People spend a huge amount of money to get their favorite and desirable gadget. As these gadgets are fragile, they need extra care if you want to increase their viability. And the people who don't know how to handle them, they tend to replace them in a short span of time. 

If you’re one who often sticks to a laptop or frequently travels with it, you are required to clean it once a month. A layer of dust and dirt can set on the screen and the keyboard that not only make feel uneasy but can also impair your laptop’s functionality.  

Always shutting down your laptop with the proper procedure or keeping it safe in the bag is not enough for flawless functioning. If you are keen for the brand new laptop every time and want to use it prolong then cleaning your laptop frequently can help, similar to your manicure and pedicure, to enhance its durability and functionality.  

First: Wiping The Screen

1. Invest In Screen Cleaning Gel

As the screen is the fragile part of the laptop and apparently you cannot use water to clean your laptop. Then get a screen cleaning that is easily available at electronic shops. This gel is specially designed for laptop screens that usually come with a microfiber cloth. And if you have a touch screen laptop then this screen cleaning gel is just like ice on the cake. 

Regular glass cleaner is strictly prohibited as it contains anomia and can damage the screen. All you need to do, first clean the screen with a clean cloth, then turn the side of the cloth, apply some screen cleaning gel and wipe your screen smoothly. 

2. Use A Microfiber Cloth

Always remember, use a microfiber cloth to clean your laptop screen . A smooth and soft cloth helps to prevent screen scratches. Just fold the cloth and rub it gently across the full width of the screen. Just hold the screen from its bazzels and don’t press it hard with your hands or try to remove the stubborn spots. You can also dip your cloth into the water and squeeze it until it gets almost dry. 

Second: Cleaning The Keyboard

3. Shake The Keyboard With Light Hands

No, shaking doesn’t mean hitting your laptop hard on the table. Just grab your laptop from the sides with light hands and turn upsides down with the open screen. Shake the machine gently and tap on the back easily to dislodge lumps and large particles. You can tilt to the one side and repeat on the other to get the grim out. 

4. Vacuum Cleaner Will Suck The Dust From The Keyboard

Those who have a misconception about the vacuum cleaner that it will harm your laptop, clear your doubts here. Move the vacuum across your keyboard going over each row from top to bottom. If you have a small set of vacuum cleaners which are used for home cleaning can help you perfectly. 

5. Use Pencil Eraser, Cotton Swab To Remove Grime From The Keyspaces

Eraser or a cotton swab is equipment that everyone carries in their bag usually, if you don't have a vacuum cleaner. Take an eraser and simply rub on the sides of the keys where grim has built-up. A cotton swab is small enough to clean the keyspaces. If your keyboard is pretty grimy, dip your cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and gently move on the sides of the keys. And you can dust sticking to the cotton.   

Once you have done this, again tilt your keyboard to the one side to get all the debris out. 

6. Remove Keys If You Know How To Put Them Back

If you’re an expert in removing and fixing the keys of your laptop, this would be the best way to clean it. However, removing and replacing the keycaps can be quite tricky, depending on the design of the laptop. What you need to do is remove the keycaps, clean the space with either vacuum cleaner or soft cloth, and again replace the keys. 

Third: Shining The Case

7. Get Some Gentle Cleaning Solution 

To clean the case of your laptop, you can take a few drops of gentle dish wash in some distilled water or you can also mix equal amounts of rubbing alcohol in it. Dip a smooth sponge in and squeeze it. Rub the sponge gently over the outside surface of your laptop. Firstly do not use a regular household cleaner and secondly don’t clean the inside ports or vents with the sponge- there may be a risk of getting moisture into the laptop and damaging its components. 

8. Use Cotton Swab, Toothpick or Compressed Air To Clean Gunk Out Of Crevices

Your crevices may also carry dust. But how clean it is something which is complicated because of their small size. To clean them, take a cotton swab and dip it into a cleansing solution and squeeze it finely. Put the cotton swab in the crevices with gentle hands and move it around.  

Be gentle while using the toothpick to avoid scratching and damage to the inner components. Hold your laptop with an angle and move it around.

Be careful while using the compressed air to clean your crevices as it may loosen the debris and push it inside your machine. Angle a can of compressed air so that it will blow into and out the port or vent. 

So this is all about how to clean your laptop screen and keyboard. Apply these tips and keep your laptop clean for better functionality and prolonged use.


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