How To Reduce Eye Strain When You’re Using Laptops And Phones All Day

how to reduce eye strain while working from home

Systems have recorded a 57% spike in screen time since a big part of the global population is urged to stay-at-home. And it’s slightly tough to avoid staring at the screen these days amid pandemic and lockdown. If you are trying to fight against eye strain from laptops, TV, Computers, Gaming Consoles, Smartphones or else, then there are several tips for prevention of the long-term damage and things you can hands on to treat eye strain from tech gadgets. 

And frankly, eye strain is incredibly common like other eye problems in this world dominated by tech gadgets. From smartphones, TV, laptops to gaming consoles, we all are residing in a world surrounded by various types of screens. So, most of us stare at screens throughout our daily office hours, social media apps, browsings and, of course, binge watching Netflix for recreation after a hectic day. However, the tech giants are working progressively to improve screen quality and refresh rate to introduce high quality screens to minimize the risk of eye strain without letting you limit screen time or distancing from tech gadgets. 

Though it’s almost impossible to remove all the sources from the world just because your eye strain — unless you are ready to give up all the luxuries and live in the jungles that we will encourage to do if you can - but lettings you eyes to suffer is not a way to get out of it. Here’s everything that you can and you must do to reduce eye strain as it may be critical after long-term negligence. 

Wait a Minute, Do You Know What Eye Strain Is?

Do you feel irritated or your eyes feel tired after staring at your smartphone and laptop screen, reading a book, driving a car or anything else involving intense focus? If you feel tired then yes, you are in. This is called Eye Strain, one among the most common eye issues.

The problem of Eye Strain is becoming more common in this information age as more and more people are going digital. Caused by long-term usage of smartphones, laptop, gaming console, digital devices and an activity involving deep focus, eye strain is commonly known as computer vision or digital eye strain in doctoral language. 

Though common eye strain can be cured with simple home remedies or precautions, long-term damage or irritation in the eyes can be serious and may lead to permanent vision loss. However, there are several things to go after, therefore, you can chill. Here’s how to reduce eyestrain without distancing with your smartphone. 

All Right, Here’s How to Prevent Eye Strain

See, it’s slightly tough to maintain distance from laptops, smartphones and few other tech gadgets, as it has been an integral part of our life. In this information age, everyone owns a smartphone and almost 67% of people spend a day staring at computer screens. 

If your job involves prolonged usage of laptops, smartphone or other activities involving intense focus then it is recommended to take a break, pause your work to look away from your screen, remember blinking your eyes is probably the most effective way to reduce the risk of eye strain. Besides stretching your head and neck to reduce muscle tensions and taking a break from gadgets, there are lots of things to look for. 

Screen quality is probably the most essential thing to be considered while buying a smartphone or laptop. There are various laptops and smartphones introducing high-quality screens with the lowest refresh rate possible. Apart from this, you better do some research on screen type before buying a laptop or mobile phone.  Here are some popular screen types in the market-

  • AMOLED Display 

  • IPS

  • LED

  • FHD (Full High Definition)

  • UHD (Ultra High Display)

  • Transmissive Screen

  • Reflective Screens

  • Transflective Screens


Apart from these display types, vibrant and backlight LED displays are popular among the tech savvies. If you are planning to buy a laptop with the best screen types then nothing is better than an OLED display that is professionally designed for prolonged usage. Well, an adult can stare at a screen for a longer time than kids because of their retina reflective capacity, therefore, you need to be conscious about screen type while buying a laptop for kids. Finding out a laptop for kids is probably not an easy task. From screen type to design and hardware, you have to take care of everything that may harm your child or your budget as well. If you are planning to buy a laptop for a child, then here are top 5 laptops for kids with a high resolution screen to reduce the risk of eye strain. 

Well, your sitting, screen settings and screen resolutions, these things are also responsible to lead you to long-term vision damage. If you are not willing to limit your screen time, but worried about the increasing risk of eye strain, then here is how to get rid of it without minimizing your screen time.

Love Binge Watching Netflix or Gamine? Here’s how to Prevent Eye Strain Without Reducing Screen Time

It can be tough to stay away from your mobile phone or laptop, especially at this time when these tech gadgets have penetrated our daily life — many of us are in this digital economy - therefore there is nothing to do with this. But you can try upgrading your screen type because display is the most integral part where you reach at the end. 

First of all, turn on the blue filter or night mode that is available in every latest laptop or phone. It somehow controls the level of blue lights hitting your screen and eventually affects your eyes. Also, you can try playing with different screen settings to get the most comfortable screen settings that allows prolonged work without taking any break. (However, a break is necessary for your well-being.)*

If your laptop doesn't have night mode or any other feature to control blue lights that affect your eyes and cause eye strain then you can go after third party applications. You can download f.lux — an application that is programmed to control blue light and unbalanced screen contrast and resolution due to dim refresh rate. 

Though it’s not the right trick, it feels better to work with it than starting without it. Therefore, you better download this application if your job requires intense focus on the screen. This is available on Windows, PCs, MacOS and Linux as well. Get Ready to experience a two-in-one screen without spending an extra penny. Well, you must be concerned about the screen type, resolutions, refresh rate and other screen settings before purchasing any laptop, mobile phone or other digital device. 

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