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Often time, while browsing on the internet, you find some content that you wish to share with your friends. It could be as simple as a meme or something important related to your project that you need to consult with your senior. But the problem is how to indicate that particular portion that you require to explain. Sending the link of the whole pdf or website may confuse as well as irritate the person. 

At times like this, it is important to have a tool that helps you to grab the image or record your screen. And this is where the best chrome screenshot extension comes into existence and enhances your power to make the things more clear and understandable.

However, the in-built feature of the computer ‘Spinning Tool’ may help you to an extent in capturing screens but what if you require more features than just capturing screens. The list of best chrome screenshot extensions we have is packed with some extraordinary features that may not present in the ‘Spinning Tool’. 
Today, we’ll be looking at the best snipping tool Chrome extension that may help you in the best way. 

Best Chrome Screenshot Extension For Screen Capture (By Google) 

  • Nimbus

When it comes to the best chrome screenshot extension, Nimbus is considered as the top on the list. Besides taking screenshots, the extension also allows you to record your screen. With this extension, users can take screenshots according to their needs, from the entire page to a small portion. Nimbus also allows its users to add their own watermark, which is extremely helpful, especially when users want to promote their brand. While adding one more feature, Nimbus lets you customize your screenshot in your own way like if you want to add or delete some available options.   

Features-  Add watermark, Customize screenshot, Screen record

  • Full Page Screenshot 

As the name suggests, this full webpage screenshot chrome extension does the same. Full page screenshot allows you to capture the entire screen with just one click. Here you can convert your image into a PDF while choosing your preferred size. One notable thing among its features is, it doesn’t recognize the header and footer of the page you’re capturing a screenshot. 

Features- Full Page Screenshot, Save as a PDF Option  

  • Awesome Screenshot

Another screenshot home extension on the list is ‘Awesome’. The reason why we have put this on our list is it offers some unique features. This extension offers different ways of capturing the screenshot. As you can capture selected or scrolling screenshots, annotate screenshots, and blur them, and record screencasts. This is considered as one of the awesome ways to capture the screenshot, perhaps this is the reason why it is called Awesome screenshot. 

Features- Scrolling screenshot, Annotate screenshot, Blur Your screenshot

  • Fireshot

This can be another great screen capture home extension option on the list. Why? It let you take the screenshot of the selected area of the webpage and that you can capture with the customized hotkey options. In addition to this, Fireshot allows you to crop, annotate, and edit the screenshot according to the requirement of the user. However, if you wish to access the maximum number of features then go with the pro option otherwise free version can do a lot for you. 

Features- Annotate, Crop, and Edit screenshot 

  • Lightshot

This is yet another best screenshot chrome extension on the list. The simple reason why Lightshot chrome extension completing the list is it is the simplest yet fastest screenshot app for the chrome browser. The extension is compatible with windows as well as Mac and known for its lightweight feature. It captures the screenshot really very fast and allows you to select any part of the webpage. In addition to this, you can also edit your image. Other best & notable things are it has an easy trick to find a similar-looking screenshot and also supports cloud storage. 

Features- Lightweight, Mac supporter, Edit Image, Find The Similar Looking Images Easily

This was our collection and you can choose the best chrome screenshot extension among the aforementioned that suits your demands perfectly. We hope this list will help you to get something better than your ordinary one. 


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