12 Major Advantages Of Ubuntu Operating System

advantages of Ubuntu

Windows and Mac are the two most popular operating systems available today. 90% of users rely on these two operating systems for personal and professional use. However, Linux is also gaining popularity each year, not only among developers but among consumers as well. Talking about Ubuntu, it is another type of operating system based on Linux. This operating system is owned by a UK-based company named Canonical Ltd. The primary difference between Linux and Ubuntu is that Linux is an operating system family based on 'Unix', while Ubuntu is a Linux distributor. You might be confused about why you should choose Ubuntu over other operating systems. We bring with this article the advantages of Ubuntu to clear all your doubts.  

Here is a list of the top twelve advantages of Ubuntu over Windows. 

1. Compatible

One of the best Ubuntu features is it can be installed on a wide range of devices, including PC, servers, virtual machines, and others. Many cloud-based technologies use Ubuntu to host apps and websites because of its compatibility. One can also use Ubuntu on Internet of Things (IoT) devices and robots. 

2. Free and Open-source

Ubuntu is a free and open-source operating system, just like Linux. It is one of the advantages of Ubuntu over Windows because the latter charge a cost to use. You can change the operating code of the operating system if you want to. This is why some people prefer using Ubuntu over Windows and MacOS. 

3. Turn Off The Notifications

Ubuntu has a 'Do Not Disturb' option, which can disable notifications from the screen. Usually, the notifications appear on the screen, which can be hidden if you 'Turn Off' the option. The messages will be collected in the tray but will not be visible on the screen while using other applications. 

4. Lock Screen

One of the advantages of Ubuntu is it allows you to lock the screen automatically when not in use. This Ubuntu feature will prevent access to your desktop and files to anyone if you forget to lock the system while leaving it.

5. Change Font Size 

Of many Ubuntu features, this one is considered the best. You increase and decrease the icon and font styles by using fraction scaling. It enables users to adjunct the size according to their device type, such as a laptop or another monitor. Since Ubuntu can also be used on smartphones and tablets, you can set the size up to 100%, 125%, 150%, 175%, or 200%. This is one of the advantages of Ubuntu that you can leverage. 

6. Support Multiple Applications

 When talking about the advantages of Ubuntu, you can install many applications on this operating system. It supports applications such as LibreOffice, and MS Word, for professionals. Along with this, there are several applications such as PhpStorm, Visual Code, Sublime Text, and other code editors for programmers. Other applications or software that can be installed on Ubuntu are Skype, Chrome, Firefox, VLX Player, Slack, Spotify, etc. 

7. Customisation

Ubuntu is highly customisable; one of the examples has already been discussed above. You can change the size of the fonts & icons and turn on/off the 'DO NOT DISTURB' option. Along with this, Ubuntu also allows you to change the themes and enable/disable other notification options. In short, users can change the look and feel of the operating system according to their requirements. This is one of the advantages of Ubuntu which you can not get with any other operating system. 

8. Application Switcher

However, it was never part of Ubuntu features. Users used to struggle in switching two instances of the same app. Now with the new version, it is no longer a problem. All the instances of the application appear on the screen when you use the application switcher, which will appear on the screen when you press the Spacebar and Tab keys together. 

9. Dark Theme

The dark theme feature is one of the best advantages of Ubuntu since it is trending these days. With Ubuntu, you can turn to a dark theme and change the appearance of the operating system. You can turn it on from Settings, where you find the appearance and choose the Dark theme option.

10. High Security

One of the best advantages of Ubuntu is you do not need to install antivirus software on this operating system since it is highly secured. The developers keep a check on the security and fix the gap as soon as they identify it. That means the operating system itself takes care of its protection. 

11. Fast

If we compared Ubuntu with other operating systems, you would find it fast. It takes less time to install, page loading and switch from one tab to another. If you are looking for advantages of Ubuntu, this is one of the major ones to choose this operating system. 

12. User-friendly 

Since Ubuntu uses GNOME, it does not clutter the screen description. You will get a simple and clear screen which will enhance user experience. A full application overview will be displayed on the screen by clicking the grid button, making it easy to navigate the system. 

So now you know the advantages of Ubuntu, what is your decision? Windows, Mac, or Ubuntu? Before deciding, let us tell you that Ubuntu is suitable for most devices, which makes it a highly compatible operating system. Still, we suggest you choose the operating system that best suits your requirements. 

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