7 Apps Like Uber To Take You To Your Destination Safely

apps like uber

Need to get from Point A to B? The chances are high that you will take assistance from the ride-hailing apps available on the internet. Some popular apps like Uber might be outreach services due to the increasing demand. But nothing to worry about! Many similar apps offering the same services are popping out in different parts of the world. A few apps like Uber have challenged the traditional methods and services. They have increased the travel industry's revenue and offered more rapid services than ever before. But what are those Uber alternatives? 

Let's check which other apps like uber can use to reach one place to another across the globe. 

Best and safe Uber alternatives for your next ride 

While Uber is one of the best ride-hailing apps covering the highest number of cities, it has made way for other similar apps. Complaints of pricing, safety issues, customers satisfactions, and spying rumours are some reasons that are leaving Uber behind. Here are the most notable apps like Uber you can download today!


Hailo is a UK-based hailing app that works like Uber. It is one of the fastest-growing apps that supports eight cities in five different cities. Hailo makes its services easier by introducing e-payments that allow users to pay fares directly from the app. It also allows users to book a cab on behalf of others. 


Notable Features

  • CRB Checked Drivers

  • Compatible with Android and iOS 

  • Hailo Electronic Pay


Countries Available

  • United Kingdom (4 Cities)

  • Ireland

  • Spain (2 Cities)

  • Singapore

  • Japan



Ola is a multinational company that has overtaken half of the Uber market worldwide. When it comes to searching apps like Uber, Ola comes first to mind. The app gives you a choice to book auto, bike, mini cars, prime and sedan. The app is easy to understand, and Ola provides luxurious, comfortable, affordable rides.  


Notable Features 

  • Electronic pay 

  • Compatible with Android and iOS 


Countries Available 

  • India

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

  • UK



Lyft is Uber’s biggest competitor. With coverage of 60+ cities across the United States, Lyft is one of the best apps like Uber. Lyft provides safe, better and affordable riding just like Uber. Another factor that makes it the best Uber alternative is its easy-to-use app. The app also lets riders track their ride and the driver's details, making it the most transparent app. 


Notable Features 

  • Android and iOS application

  • Allow six people to share a ride 

  • Responsive and reliable 


Countries Available 

  • Only UK (65 Cities)


Easy Taxi 

Looking for apps like Uber but could not find the most reliable one? Your search ends here. Easy Taxi is a tremendous hailing app grabbing over 17 million users worldwide. The Easy Taxi is one of the most accessible apps to book your ride, making it one of the best Uber alternatives. The app is synced with Facebook to allow customers to redeem their coupons and vouchers. 


Notable Features 

  • Allow ride tracking 

  • Pay from app

  • Synced with Facebook 

  • iOS, Android and Windows compatible 


Countries Available

  • 30 countries and 420 cities 



GrabTaxi is the next entry on the list of the best apps like Uber. People across Southeast Asia positively review the app. More than 3.8 people have downloaded the app, and have 75,000 drivers in the network. GrabTaxi is available in 6 countries and over 21 cities. Users consider it the safest, most reliable and convenient app, among other Uber alternatives. 


Notable Features

  • Ride tracking available 

  • Compatible with Android, iOS and Blackberry mobiles

  • Allow pre-screening of drivers


Countries Available

  • Malaysia

  • Singapore

  • Thailand

  • Vietnam

  • Indonesia

  • Philippines 


Didi Dache

If the Uber app is no more capable of offering you desired services, worry not; there are several apps like Uber to book your ride. Didi Dache is another hailing app providing its services across 300 cities in China. The company is combined with its biggest competitor Kuaidi Dache to expand its services further across China. Didi Dache is a bit higher as compared to Uber. But it is one of the most efficient and reliable apps. 


Notable Features

  • Ride tracking

  • Android and iOS application

  • Driver rating 

  • Personal car service 

  • Highly responsive app

  • Fast services 


Countries Available

  • Chine (300 Cities)



Gett, formerly known as Get Taxi, is one of the fastest-growing hailing apps. When it comes to the apps like Uber, Gett is considered the best app because of its fast services. The cabs arrive at the estimated time and provide driver information to the user to make it convenient. All the drivers are TLC licensed and tested, so you can safely ride with them. Now Gett has reduced its price to 25 per cent on bookings made in NYC. The app offers additional offers like a flat fare of $10 in Midtown etc. 


Notable Features

  • Android and iOS application 

  • Book up to 2 weeks in advanced 


Countries Available

  • US

  • UK

  • Isreal

  • Russia (Over 60 cities)


So, coming to the end of the blog apps like Uber. These are the hailing apps that serve to ride across the world. Which is your favourite one? Let us know in the comment section. Also, feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with these Uber alternatives. 


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