Xiaomi Mi Watch Coming With LTE And Wear OS

Xiaomi Mi Watch

Xiaomi is going to release budget fitness trackers in as well as outside China. It has launched a proper smartwatch featured with its branding. And the upcoming Mi Watch will reveal with OS-powered features bearing a striking resemblance to the Apple Watch. Xiaomi has been well-known for its fitness product, especially for the Mi Band. This upcoming Smartwatch is the first true smartwatch of Xiaomi which is called Mi Watch. It will come up with proper LTE connectivity and looks similar to an unapologetic copy of early generations of the Apple watch from the front. It will also come up with a custom UI called MIUI for Watch based on Google’s Wear OS.

Features & Specifications 

The new Mi Watch will have the feature of a 44 mm square dial with 1.78 – inch AMOLED display. It is having a display that has a resolution of 410 x 410 pixels with a pixel density of 326dpi. And this display is curved along all four edges which should be facilitating swiping inwards for navigation. This curved part is not touch-sensitive. This display is being claimed to have anti-glare properties.

It is also having a feature on its right side similar to the position of Apple Watch. Alongside, it has a button right below it and there is a mic between the two. There is a speaker chamber on the left side with another mic present below it. There is a frame made up of aluminum alloy and it declares the surface makes it scratch resistant.

From the rumors, it came to know that the Mi Watch comes up with eSIM connectivity which allows you to use LTE for music streaming and voice calls. It is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 3100 platform for a smart wearable. Apart from this, it also supports Wi-Fi for connectivity and NFC for tap-to-play. Moreover, there is also Bluetooth for the connection of headsets and GPS for using Maps.

The watch interface is based on Google’s Wear OS platform and it is the only instance of a skin on top of Wear OS. It is designed in such a way that it supports the stripped-down version of common apps like Notes, Mi Home, Maps, Recorder, Tasks, etc. You cannot explain the details about the support of the developers for the ecosystem due to the language barrier.

This new upcoming Mi Watch will support more than 100 different watch faces along with the support for custom always-on-displays. It has applets to control Mi Home appliances and other products like a table, air purifiers, lamps, and many more. In addition to that, the watch also supports 40 different apps such as QQ Music, fight information app Umetrip, QQ Messengers, keep for fitness tracking, etc.

The new SmartWatch of Xiaomi has the capability to detect up to ten different forms of physical activities like running, swimming, treadmill, general workout with weights, hill running, walking, etc. It can also display VO2 max. It will come up with a 570mAh battery which lasts for 36 hours with continuous LTE connectivity. Xiaomi also declares that the watch supports FIRSTBEAT, an algorithm certified by more than 1000 European sports organizations for accurate and in-depth health data. Besides all that, it is also having the capability of detecting an elevated heart rate despite any physical activity.


Though this Mi Watch looks very similar to the Apple watch but it costs very low. It will be available from November 11, 2019, in China and its price starts from 1,200 CNY. This watch is also having an “Exclusive” variant that comes with a stainless steel bezel, Sapphire Glass top, and stainless steel chain strap. But this variety will be available with a limited edition which will be priced at 1,999 CNY. This exclusive edition will be available from the mid of December in China and 2020 in India. 


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