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VoIP technology (Voice over IP - "voice over the Internet") appeared more than 20 years ago and consisted of speech transmission in the form of compressed "packets" of information over the Internet. Initially, the transfer was possible only between Internet users. With the advent of high-speed connection it was possible to eliminate delays and interference. Then special gateways were created, which connected telephone networks with the Internet. Thanks to this innovations today we can make calls to any device: mobile and analogue phones, desktops, tablets and special SIP devices, which we will talk about later.

This method of modern communication has significant advantages over traditional methods of communication:

1. During signal transmission it is compressed, which significantly reduces the load on the data transmission network;

2. signal encryption can significantly increase the security of information transmission;

3. the cost of calls when using IP-telephony in the office is significantly reduced.

VoIP for business.

Reliable and versatile communication is important for any business. If we take into account the above described advantages of IP-telephony for small office (see at https://telnum.net/, it becomes clear that such communication saves both time and effort, and budget funds of the company.

In addition to these undeniable advantages, VoIP significantly expands the possibilities of telephone communication allowing:

1. to add additional telephone lines in the office within the high-speed connection;

2. provide a package of services that includes call forwarding, auto redial, automatic number identification and teleconferencing;

3. organize sound transmission from video surveillance systems and in notification systems;

4. use telephone lines for webinars, video communications over the Internet or online film viewing;

5. easily and quickly implement additional options, including call routing or GSM roaming.

That's why, VoIP is able to solve tasks that are inaccessible to ordinary telephone networks.

VoIP in the office

VoIP equipment setting up quickly, does not require a major overhaul of the office and will not prevent your employees from performing their daily duties.

To organize high-quality VoIP it is important to choose a good provider. 

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VoIP Features

VoIP - telephone communication via a modern protocol of signal transmission over a digital channel while maintaining the traditional method of dialing and two-way communication, including video communications over the Internet. This method of signal transmission allows you to remove (compress) the excess information, which reduces the load on the network and makes communications more efficient.

Benefits of VoIP

In both private and corporate sectors, the use of IP telephony allows users to significantly reduce the cost of long distance and international calls, as well as to combine Internet services with telephony, which allows employees to offer more efficient methods of work, and customers - the opportunity to use highly intelligent services. The implementation of such tasks by conventional methods - through public telephone networks - is much more expensive and complex.


With the help of VoIP over a single channel can transmit more than one phone call, which allows you to easily add an additional telephone line if necessary.

Only with the help of VoIP technology it is possible to organize video calls or teleconferences, the possibility of which is already included in the service package.

The service package also includes such important options as number identification, call forwarding, automatic number redirection.

You can work from any office without having to reinstall the phone lines. For stable work only an Internet connection is required.

It is important that only within the framework of VoIP you can quickly and easily implement additional options that you may need to work: call routing, GSM-roaming, IVR, DID (the ability to connect direct numbers in any country in the world) - and other features.

Thus, VoIP saves your money and time, while increasing the efficiency of work, reliability of communication and convenience of work.

Security of VoIP

This is an important advantage of the technology, which should be mentioned in addition, because a secure telephone connection by digitizing the signal is already implemented in this technology. For greater security, an encryption/signal recognition option can be connected.

How much does it cost?

VoIP provides the minimum cost of calls, both within the local network and when connecting to external subscribers. In combination with other advantages, this method of communication will provide you with the maximum possible set of modern communication functions at a minimum cost, connect the telephone to the virtual PBX.


The advantage of VoIP for small businesses is its cost: the cost of connection and the cost of ownership. The most economical telephone service for small businesses is ip telephony managed by a virtual PBX, which is installed free of charge and requires no maintenance.

How Can I Make a VoIP Call?

Normally you just to pick up your phone and dial the number! The topmost primitive form of VoIP uses your PC as a telephone and we provide you with a software telephone – a softphone – to do this. This displays a model of a telephone on your screen and you simply type the number to be dialled in or click on the phone’s directory to dial the number.


You can either use PCs speakers and microphone of use a simple headset to talk.

For business use though, maximum people use purpose built VoIP telephones or telephone adapters with ordinary telephones plugged in. Apart from the obvious benefits of convenience to use and quality of call this method means that your telephones work even when your PC is switched off.

Hosted vs. cloud VoIP

Even though they should know better, some providers use the VoIP descriptors “hosted” and “cloud” interchangeably, as if they were the same thing. That’s not quite right: while they’re both still internet based, a hosted VoIP solution is managed and maintained on- or off-premises by your business for only your business; a cloud VoIP is administered and worked by the service provider as a shared resource between you and other clients. Kind of like the difference between owning your own espresso machine and making regular Starbucks runs—everything’s fine until the machine breaks down, and then you’ll miss that barista who never spells your name right. Unlike Starbucks, cloud hosting is generally cheaper and less annoying, making it a smarter choice for smaller businesses that don’t want the extra hassle and expense of hosting.

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