Ultimate Gaming PC Under 50000 To Meet All Your Gaming Needs

Ultimate Gaming PC Build Under 50,000

“90% true gamers are lonely and they play games because the real-world never care about them, but in games, they get honor, fame, respect, and brothers who really care about them.”

Intended to honor all the true gamers, we have crafted this article to help you. The craze for gaming PCs is too high in the community, but when we try to build a gaming PC, we have to cross several checkpoints. Budget making is perhaps the hardest among them, leaving all exhausted and confused to choose between their favorite brands. 

So, we did some homework - research & calculation to come up with the best options available.  If you wonder about the budget, we’ve found that 50000 is the sweetest spot for gamers. Today, in this article, we will elaborate on the ultimate gaming PC build under 50000. 

[We’ve observed that people’s interest were high in AMD. Besides, its cost-effective-performance, they love its potential capabilities to upgrade yearly. Additionally, the Zen 2 architecture has brought a revolution throughout the gaming community.]




We’ll tell you why the following items are on the list and you will get insights into benchmark and performance as well. Here is the complete guide on Gaming PC Under 50000.

AMD Ryzen 5 3500 Desktop Processor (₹12,300)

The processor plays the main role in any PC, and the role becomes significant when it comes to building a Gaming PC. So, if you are looking forward to having a gaming PC build under 50000, we would recommend the AMD Ryzen 3rd Gen 3500. It would cost you around INR 11,580 with some amazing features including;

6 Cores & 6 Threads

Base Clock: 3.6GHz

Max Boost Clock: up to 4.1GHz

19MB Cache

TDP: 65W

System Memory: 3200Mhz

Memory Type: DDR4

Memory  Channels: 2

Socket: AM4

Motherboard Compatibility: AMD 300, 400, 500 (Serles chipset-based motherboard)

Separate graphic cards are required

Heatsink Fan: Wraith Stealth

Warranty: 3 years


A great CPU is required for a powerful gaming PC build under 50000 and “Zen 2” cores are just perfect for those running low on budget. The AMD Ryzen 5 3500 processor will come up with a powerful CPU with the capability to handle any game.

Gigabyte B450M Micro ATX Motherboard (₹7,534)

The motherboard is an integral part of your gaming PC, so it must be strong enough to deliver the finest performance. We have picked the Gigabyte B450M Micro ATX motherboard for ultimate Gaming PC build under 50000. Check out the features below;

It supports AMD 1st/2nd/3rd Gen Ryzen with Radeon Vega Graphics. For Athlon, you will need Radeon Vega Graphics Processors.

You get dual-channel Non-ECC Unbuffered DDR4, 4 DIMMs

HDMI, DVI-D Ports for dual/multiple displays

Ultra-Fast PCIe 3rd Gen x 4 M.2 with PCIe NVMe & SATA Mode Support

High-quality Audio Capacity

Audio Noise Guard with LED Trace Path Lighting

RGB Fusion Supports

RGB LED Strips in 7-Colors

Realtek Gigabit LAN with cFosSpeed Internet Accelerator Software

Smart Fan Features: 5 Temperature Sensors and 2 Hybrid Fan Headers with “FAN STOP Feature

In-built App Center - EasyTune and Cloud Stations Utilities

CEC 2021, Ready to save power with a simple click


It is undoubtedly the cheapest deal for a gaming PC under 50000. There are multiple options available in this budget that you can ask. It comes with external Ryzen 3000 CPU support, so, don’t worry because it comes with enough slots for future upgradability.

MSI GeForce GTX 1650 Graphic Cards (₹13,310)

The third most important component of our Gaming PC build under 50000 is ‘Graphic Card’. It is impossible to even think about good performance without a good GPU. Though NVIDIA GTX 1660 Super was another option available online, we picked this one because of the following features;

Chipset: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Super, which makes it equal to 1660ti 

Boost Clock: 1740 MHz, Memory Interface: 128-bit, NVIDIA GPU Boost 

Video Memory: 4GB GDDR6, Support All Desktop PC 

Minimum 450w 80+ Branded PSU recommended. G-Sync Compatible

Output: DisplayPort x 1 (V1.4)/ HDMI 2.0B x 1/ DL-DVI-D x 1


It will cost you around 17,500 but the performance will give a clear edge over others including a high frame rate. As per our search, it is perhaps the best GPU for ultimate gaming PC build under 50000.

XPG Adata GAMMIX D30 8GB 3000MHz RAM  (₹6,500)

As we are discussing gaming PC build under 50000, it will be good to go with an 8GB RAM. We would recommend you Adata GAMMIX D30, it comes in budget and delivers seamless performance.

Unique yet impressive heat sink design with sharp edgy wing-shape

You can use Intel X299 and implement 2666MHz with this

Intel XMP 2.0 makes is more smooth and accessible with overclocking

RoHS Compliant

We didn’t make any compromise with RAM because it will assure delivering a seamless gaming experience. With high frequency and speed, XPG Adata GAMMIX D30 will be perfect for Gaming PC under 50000.

Corsair Carbide SPEC-05 Mid-Tower Gaming Case (₹3,199)

Known for its distinctive design, this is the best gaming case that could fit our budget of the best Gaming PC build under 50000. 

It comes with an asymmetrical, smooth & bold design.

Huge Side-panel Window

A Full Side Panel to Enable Unrestricted Access

Expansive Space With Ultra-fast cooling

Supports up to six 120mm fans

One Red LED Fan

Easy to use drive mounts for up to three HDD’s and Two SSD’s

Easily removable dust filters help you clean your PC

In a search for the best Gaming PC build under 50000, it was slightly tough to find something better than this. It is sleek, stylish and gives you an impressive gaming experience with upgradable compatibility.

Antec BP 450 Watt PSU (₹2,550)

With Call of Duty, Demon's Souls/Dark Souls, and name a few other heavy PC games, it becomes absolutely a must to have a powerful PSU unit. We picked Antec BP 450W for the below mentioned reasons.

450-watt constant power guaranteed

120 mm Fan delivers cooling quietly

An advanced thermal manager to control heat and noise

Industrial-grade protection

Tightest DC stability with high-performance capacitors

MTBF 80,000 hours

ATX12V version 2.31


A 450W PSU is enough to be efficiently used with a Ryzen CPU and MSI GeForce GTX 1650 Graphic Cards. If your budget exceeds, you can go with higher options available. But, this one is recommended for gaming PC build under 50000.

Crucial BX500 240GB 3D NAND SATA 2.5-inch SSD (₹2,472)

You can get it only for 2,500 and this is the biggest reason why we picked this. But, it has got some good features to mix with your Gaming PC under 50000. 

2.5 inches SATA Supports all ATA models

With 128KB speed to read and write, it can go beyond 540MB/s and 500MB/s respectively

Comes with a quick boost

Load files quicker

Improve overall system performance by increasing responsiveness

300 times faster than traditional/typical hard drives

With 45x more energy efficiency, it improves overall battery life

Comes with 3-years of warranty


With all these features, Crucial BX500 is perhaps the finest SSD for gaming PC build under 50000. Other than its budget, it offers seamless performance with any game. As we’re looking for the best Gaming PC under 50000, we made no compromise with anything and the total was ₹ 47,865. So, you save enough to buy a good headphone or a mouse. You can check the best gaming mouse here.

Additionally, if you simply don’t want to buy these components separately and assemble them in-house, here is our complete guide for ‘How to Buy The Best Gaming Laptop’. Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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