Top 7 Ultimate Social Media Trends in 2020 You Must Know

Top 7 Ultimate Social Media

This time when social media is called the king of your marketing-strategy, you need to be aware of every little movement in this Digital World. Both social media and digital marketing are hand-in-hand and with its ever-changing strategies, you need to upgrade yourself periodically. These days, when the search engine announces a new update daily, you cannot achieve potential by doing the same work you used to do previously. It might not get in the same results now.

And why would it be? Changing is the rule of this world where habits, behavior, nature, and everything changes timely. Everyone is going after the latest technologies in the ever-competitive world. So, how could you see yourself standing among these, having old plans in your hands? It wouldn’t be appropriate as per the nature of the search engine and social world. However, social media keeps growing and adopting new changes every day. 

Keep it in your mind that we are living in a rapidly-changing world where technology develops faster than the customer’s interest and intention. If you are a marketing person then you cannot sit quietly in the hope that everything will be fine one day. Your traditional marketing methods cannot stand anywhere in this competitive world. Especially, if you are putting efforts into establishing a new business or running a social media campaign then you are suggested to stay updated with the Digital marketing trend in 2020. 

This blog is designed to enlighten you about all the latest technologies that you may find helpful in 2020 and stand in this age of innovation. Here are the top 10 Social Media Trends that you shouldn’t overlook. 

1. Artificial Intelligence

If you have taken it lightly all through 2019 then you’re about to know the true power of artificial intelligence and how it dominates the social media world in 2020. Having said in many businesses that “Artificial Intelligence Will Be the Future of Global Business Industry” however that future has come. 

The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken down many jobs in the market and people are loving it so much. You can see the contribution of AI in today’s innovative world. From security to data storage and social analyses, Artificial Intelligence is booming everywhere. 

At this point when most organizations are working with artificial intelligence, it has become tough to stand in their competition. Hence, all leading companies are opting for AI in their business to mark their existence in this advanced world. From natural language processing in Digital Marketing to Content Marketing, AI is leaving a benchmark everywhere. We are going to see the following changes in social media very soon.

  • Primary Communication

  • Product Recommendations (As per user intent)

  • Creative Content Creation

  • Personalized Email Address

  • Online E-commerce Processing

These changes can set a big difference in social media marketing and set the digital world to new heights. 

2. Content Marketing is Still King

Not only social media, but any kind of online marketing is solely dependent on your content. It really matters what kind of content you deliver to your viewers and what it conveys to them. In this world, every person comes to the search engine with different needs and queries. 

We agree that one content cannot target all the customers, but the question is “How to Understand Searcher’s Intent?” Though it’s not easy, but artificial intelligence can give you better insights into understanding your customers. Social Media Marketing is all about delivering great content that could create instant engagement. 

3. Well Programmed, advance, and Dynamic Ads

Social media is still a productive platform where many renowned brands are investing extensively. Companies are gaining better returns on investment by these personalized social media ads.

The ultimate fact is receiving more business from customers and these advanced ads are appealing enough to get direct business on social media. Due to the automation of social media advertisements, one can go after efficient ads which will increase conversion rates.  These are some popular and most loved personalized ads services on various social media platforms.

  • Facebook- Personalized Ad Experience

  • Instagram- Selling on Instagram

  • Linkedin’s Ad Platform

It would be easy to grow your online business by adopting these advanced Ad technologies. 

4. Influencers are High in the Market

These days, every girl is an Instagram or Facebook model. If you know what I mean? Although we keep making fun of such fake influencers, being an authentic social media influencer can bring some real benefits.

At this time when almost every big brand has an eye on influencers, there are some possibilities that the influencer market can grow rapidly in 2020. It’s a kind of online mouth-to-mouth marketing where one delivers the brand’s message to a larger community of customers. An influencer can be a famous celebrity or anyone who handles a well-known social media page. Here are some proven reasons that show the rise of influencer marketing in 2020.

  • 60% of customers agreed that they trust Influencer’s recommendations rather than the brand’s commitment.

  • 58% of customers have purchased a new product because of the influencer’s suggestion.

And for this reason, we can our popular sports person or TV celebrity, promoting any famous brand. From our lifestyle to our diet, everything is being set digitally and we just follow whatever the influencer recommends. Check out some handy tips for “How to Become a Famous Social Media Influencer?”

5. Stories are Contributing Greatly

Starting with an interesting feature ‘My Story’ on Snapchat, almost every social platform had adopted this engaging feature. From Instagram to Facebook and YouTube, you can post a story daily and wave to your views. 

Instagram stories are rocking everywhere. And why wouldn’t it? Instagram has got some serious features that allow users to share, and reply to the story posts. Stories not only promote your services or products, but also push some amazing benefits. Here are a few of them.

  • Helps in increasing brand awareness

  • Keep engaged with the followers

  • Affordable

  • Bring organic traffic to your website

  • Target the young generation

  • Instagram enables you to set a poll to take the viewer’s opinion

  • Increase call to action

Perhaps, everybody will love these mind-blowing features and this is the reason why stories will never shut down. 

6. Video Content is Rocking

By the time, users prefer watching a video than going through a long paragraph, most brands are in the race to grab attention from their customers by sharing engaging videos on multiple social media platforms. 

Can you guess which social media platform is perfect for sharing video content? Most people would name YouTube, but so sorry guys, you failed this time. Instagram has reported one of the most popular social media platforms for video sharing and YouTube is second. 

From live videos to 1.1 video posts, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, all these social media platforms are doing well and supposed to set heights in the world of social media marketing in 2020.

7. Real-time Chat Makes Marketing Better

Allow chatbots to handle your marketing is not as easy as it seems but with real-time conversation with the customers you can set a new stone to your marketing skills. Though due to the advent of artificial intelligence, chatbots will become the future of social media or any other marketing, but to believe these artificial humans is slightly doubtful.

With the advanced level of mechanism and technology, these bots are able to start a convo with the customers, but to understand their intention and provide the right solution is not in their hands. Hence, conversational marketing will lead marketing to another level of success. Here is how real-time conversation will change the concept of marketing in 2020.

  • It builds trust between customers and brands

  • Real-time conversation helps the customers to get an answer to all their queries

  • From pricing to delivery and other features, it makes everything clear

  • It comes up with an opportunity to convince the customers

These are the reasons why companies like Myntra and Google are using this method to make their services customer-friendly and increase brand awareness.

So, all these social media things are going to become a trend shortly after this blog. If you are still believing in your previous research, then it’s time to open excel and work over a new sheet. These trending social media updates are going to change the concept of digital marketing in 2020.

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