Long-Term Strategies For Growing Instagram Followers

Growing Instagram Followers

Instagram is a land of opportunity and a battlefield. Allegedly, people always talk happily that 1 billion people use it every month, 500 million Instagrammers interact with Instagram Stories every day, and that 90% of Insatgram users have followed at least one business account.

Have you wondered how to get free Instagram followers easily and quickly? 

By continuing to follow these methods you will quickly have an initial follower base on your account, especially when you are just starting out. But you also need long-term growth strategies to keep growing regularly on a large scale.

Define Your Target Audience

It is frustrating to see all these people trying to get more followers on Instagram, but they don't even know who their target audience is, also called “ideal followers”. Understand who your ideal follower could be, where they live, what their interests are, what their weaknesses are, etc.

This is a very important thing. Once you understand your audience's weaknesses, you can find more effective strategies.

Write Longer Descriptions

Instagram is primarily a visual platform, but descriptions play a very important role in increasing participation, so you should write them as if they were a blog post or a story. Make sure that others, your followers, can read your descriptions and feel part of your story.

Use Emoji

This point is also important, because these are simple visual elements that people see and recognize easily. If you post a photo, a quick emoji won't be enough, especially if you're aiming for long-term growth.

It is also advisable to conclude the descriptions with questions. When you ask a question, your followers are more likely to respond in comments, which will increase participation in your posts.

Publish More Videos

In general, videos are more effective. When you publish a video there is another parameter, which is called audience loyalty. The longer a person watches your video, the better. When you post a photo you cannot calculate the attention of the public.

You can only track participation by seeing how often they comment or share your posts. Another thing you should think about when posting a video is that it takes up three times the space when it appears in the Instagram feed. Normal photos only take up 2x2 squares, while video takes up four times the space, which is very important because it makes it easier to see.

Use Hashtags Strategically

You can also use several popular hashtags right now to get new followers, but don't abuse them. Instead of randomly copying and pasting the most used hashtags, try to include them in your description, within the sentences. This is an organic way of using hashtags, because when you incorporate them into sentences you are making better use of them, without abusing and spamming them.

Post More Stories on Instagram

Stories from half a billion Instagram users are posted every single day, so posting more stories will increase your participation rate, and according to Instagram, nearly one in five stories results in a direct message. If any of your followers contact you via direct message, this will automatically tell the Instagram algorithm that they are interested in your content, which means that every time you post new content it will appear in their feed, so they will see your posts more often. .

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