How To Find And Remove Duplicate Contacts In Android In 2019

Remove Duplicate Contacts In Android

Android phones show many things by defaults and one of them are duplicate contacts in users’ phone. Somewhere it could be very inconvenient for the users when they want to reach their friends, family or any other important contacts in hurry. Multiple contacts make users frustrate when find themselves got stuck into it. But no need to worry more because ‘How to Delete Multiple Contacts in Android’ is no more headache for you now. There are several methods available through which you can easily Delete Multiple Contacts Android and they are-

Method 1.  Contacts app on Android

Method 2. Google Contacts on Web

Method 3. Third Party Contact Manager App

1.    Through Contact App On Android


Google made everything easier and in terms of Duplicate Contacts Remover it also plays an important role.  Now the question arise How to Delete Multiple Contacts in Android then here we go with below steps:

Before we discuss steps, let’s keep in mind one thing- this method will only work on a smartphone running a stock version of Android.

•    Open contact app on your android phone or tablet.

•    Now, tap the ‘Menu’ icon located on the top left corner and select ‘Suggestions’.

•    Next, go to the option ‘Clean up Duplicate’ to get rid of different listing for the same person. Here, you can either tap on ‘Merge’ or tap on ‘Merge All’ as per your requirements.

2.    Through Google Contacts on Web


This method is useful if you have saved your contacts in Google account keen to Delete Multiple Contacts Android. Here are the steps:

•    Open your Google contacts on the web browser and log in to your Google account.

•    When you have logged in to your account, you’ll be able to see all contacts that you have synced with the particular account. Now look at the option ‘Duplicates’ located in the left sidebar and click it to see all duplicate contacts you have.

•    Further, you’ll find options, just like contact apps on Android, to merge them either individually or all.

3.    Through Third Party Contact Manager App


There are tons of apps available that can help you to Delete Multiple Contacts Android. So, if you are confused to choose the right app among many then we suggest you to check out the “Merge Duplicate Contacts” app.

This app is best among the Duplicate Contacts Remover apps as you can use it to merge duplicate contacts showing in your contact lists. Moreover, you can delete the unused contacts through this app itself. Well, we are going to tell you how to use this app for Delete Multiple Contacts Android

•    Firstly, download the app ‘Cleaner – Merge Duplicate Contacts’.

•  Once you have done with this, it will automatically update your contacts under the ‘Duplicate’ option of the app.

•    Now, you can enter any option and select the contact you want to merge.

•    Here, you’ll find the options to merge a contact or ‘merge all duplicate’.

This app is totally free and you can easily merge all duplicate contacts with the help of a single tap. Additionally, the app is available in 15 different languages which are easier for the users.


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