PUBG Snow Paradise-Enjoy This New Update 0.16.0 in this Winter Festival


The new version of PUBG has been released, namely 0.16.0, that brings some amazing changes with tons of interesting features. The one who is a true fan of PUBG will definitely enjoy this new update of PUBG mobile “Snow Paradise” under classic mode in Erangel. This updated version also called ‘Winter Mode’. Likewise, Day/Night Mode, the winter mode is also generated at random. If you are a PUBG lover, then you should know everything about the ‘Snow Paradise’ in the Erangel map.

The latest update adds a RageGear EvoGround Mode in the game along with snowy landscapes on the Erangel map. The new update has been already released on December 11 & Gamers can enjoy the new update. The new to the classic map has been added by the developers, where players can experience playing around the snowy peaks of Erangel. The area that is covered with snow, called as Stabler, the mountains near Pochinki and Georgopal Mountains. Every player will be available with a snowboard. But, these snowboards will only work on snow. While snowboarding, the players can perform various styles of stunts but it is only possible when they reach a certain speed.

On the other hand- the players, in this mode, can use cable cars to get up and down of the mountains and the station of these cable cars is available at the foot and the peak of the mountain. To travel in this cable car, one can start either from the foot or the peak of the mountain. Moreover, a player can fire weapons or use throwables from the cable car. Your enemies can also attack you from the ground.

A developer has put something creative in this Snow Paradise Mode, like, special crates will spawn on three snow-covered peaks containing level three gears, weapons, and other indispensable items. Players can collect Frozen Eggs from the special crates that can be used to create an ice sculpture.  These eggs can be used in the advantage of the player, especially if there is no coverage in the last circle. A player is allowed to carry more than one frozen egg at a time.

So, it’s all about the new PUBG update, for more information or if you want to experience it, download the new version now.

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PUBG Snow Paradise-Enjoy This New Update 0.16.0 in this Winter Festival

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