POPSHOT: World’s First Smartphone Browser Launches In India


Popshot, the world’s first interactive browser built for Smartphone launches in India. It is a smart app that changes the way people share, explore, and save the web through the interactive screenshot feature. It used to redefine the users’ digital capabilities in bookmarking, sharing content by making it more visual, exploring, organized, and direct. Similar to the traditional browsers, Popshot has also been accelerating exploring through data-saving capabilities, offering users the best in-browsing experience.  This app is now available to Android and iOS users. The ultimate aim is to improve the personalization and discoverability of content for the ever-growing digital community through a host of smart and interactive features.

Popshot is going to introduce a new benchmark to the browsing experience when browsers on smartphones have seen no significant innovation since its inception. As compared to another low-end phone market, Popshot has been designed as a lite app. It is accessible on over 1,00,000 phone models with a minimum specification requirement of 1GB of RAM and above. Popshot consumes significantly lesser storage by replacing boring static full resolution with compressed interactive screenshots. Popshot introduces the users to customize their own digital playground for instant access to saved and new content, encouraging a whole new movement for users to live in the now. To maximize the involvement, the user interface has been designed across 3keys such as personal, explore, and friends.

Here, users can not only browse it but also create customizable Popshot that is used to share with their contacts or save it for themselves. In the personal section, users can also access all their saved Popshot such as the most frequented WebPages, favorite product shots, videos, and interesting content pages. It gains direct instant access to them through the interactive screenshots deep linking feature. It ensures users not to lose track of their pages or progress at the time of browsing online. It allows the users to save as many ‘Popshot’ without occupying memory in the phone gallery. It is a type of place where content shared or received from friends resides in an effectively indexed manner and is ready to be accessed through smart search around a contact’s name keywords, and website.

Browsers act as a gateway to the digital domain and Popshot is looking at expanding the use of browsers by making it more engaging and interactive for current and new generations of digital explorers and social media creators. Now Popshot is setting a new benchmark to empower users to promote their digital journeys and becoming global content curators in a mobile-first world through the industry-pioneering technology of interactive deep-linked screenshots.


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