Oppo Reno 2 Series Leaks And Features

Oppo Reno 2 Series

Reno 2 series of Oppo is bringing a revolution to the technical world. This series is about to be launched on 28th August along with A-series phones (Quad-camera). But, a threat to the showdown is the blowing wind which raises the curtain before. This is what happened with Oppo’s Reno 2 series. The details of the hardware of the rear camera are floating online before the launch.

However, apart from the hardware information of the rear camera other specifications like aperture, pixel size, 48 megapixel primary camera are prevented to be leaked. How much damage could a leak do to the marketing strategy of a company is not known to us. Apart from the leak, a positive sign to the phone lovers who are waiting eagerly to know more about the series have to wait for the launch. However, all the phones of the series will be equipped with quad camera but, it’s still felt by some that the new series will not succeed Reno 10X zoom. Some of the specifications of the product will definitely attract the users as:

1. There will be a 6.55 inch AMOLED screen with under display fingerprint reader.

2. It has a 730G processor of QUALSOMM’S Snapdragon which will enable the user to open various applications simultaneously.

3. RAM ranges from 8GB to 256GB which will limit the storage problem.

4. It has various modes like Ultra Dark, Portrait Mode 2.0, 3D Zoom etc.

5. And the cherry to the cake is the Shark-fin pop up selfie camera of 16MP.

Apart from these features what additional features will the new series will be having, will be known after the product is launched in India. The highlights revealed by the company on its official website are quad camera and the design of the product. Looking at the features of the new series anyone can get lured to invest. But, how much the product is going to earn for the company is a matter of concern with the damage caused by the leak.


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