All You Need To Know About Movieninja: Legal Alternatives


Whether it's a bad day or you are getting bored as you have nothing to do, watching a good movie can give you much-needed amusement. The best thing about movies is that people of all age groups and genders like to watch them to some extent. Nowadays, numerous piracy websites are active on the web, allowing users to download copyright content (movies, TV shows, web series) for free, and Movieninja is one of them. 

What Is Movieninja?

Movieninja is a popular piracy website that keeps a collection of Hollywood movies and allows users to watch or download them at no cost.  It sorts Hollywood movies and TV series into different categories. Though it has been blocked several times by numerous countries' regulatory authorities, it pop-ups with a proxy domain name every time. Movieninja neither charges for streaming or downloading content nor requires any registration to watch content online. An individual can visit their site and start watching the available content directly. However, the website offers copyright content that is unlawful and harms the respective industry considerably. 

Things To Know About Movieninja Website 

  • The website includes a vast variety of movies and TV series to watch for free. Here you can find movie categories like mythological, action, thriller, Sci-Fi, comedy, adventure, romantic and much more. 

  • Popular movies like Justice League, Wonder Women, Parasite, The Irishman, Joker, Marriage Story are available on this e-platform. 

  • The Movieninja website has a pretty easy to use interface, which is why it is popular among movie lovers around the world. On the homepage, you would get a number of movie thumbnails, and just by clicking on them, you can start watching the movie. Otherwise, you can search for your desired movie through the search box. 

  • As several countries have banned the Movieninja website, there are numerous proxies of this website that are active on the web, and if you wish to stream your favourite movie on this platform, you have to find an active proxy for that. 

How To Stream Movies On The Movieninja Website? 

  • Streaming movies on this platform is as easy as eating bananas, all you need to have an active proxy of Moviesninja and an efficient VPN (Virtual Private Network). So, if you wish to stream a movie on this piracy website, follow these steps one by one. 

  • Find an active Movieninja website’s proxy on the internet and check if it is working in your country.  

  • If an active proxy is not working in your country, then download VPN software on your device, if you do not have one already. 

  • Try different countries in VPN applications, and choose the one where Movieninja is not banned. 

  • Once you find the right country on the VPN, you will be able to stream movies on the website. 

  • When you get access to the website, you will see numerous thumbnails of movies are showing on the homepage. You can start streaming one of them directly or can choose another one by searching through the navigator. 

  • If you find the desired movie, you can click and stream it. The website doesn’t charge a single penny for it, and you are not required to register as well. Though, using such a website or phishing is completely unlawful. 


What Are The Best Legal Alternatives to Moviesninja Website?

The era of OTT platforms is a boon for cinema lovers. The era of OTT (Over The Top) platforms is a boon for cinema lovers as they allow streaming movies, web series, TV shows, documentaries etc. any time, anywhere. There are different OTT platforms that offer us to stream or download our favourite content online and are the only legal medium to do so. 

To enjoy the services of an OTT platform, you have to subscribe to their monthly, half-yearly or yearly packages. Nowadays, these legal platforms are gaining popularity day by day, as apart from movies, web series and documentaries, they stream live sports and TV  shows, which subscribers can watch from anywhere through their portable devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. 

Following are some popular OTT platforms that are the legal alternatives to the Movieninja piracy website- 

  • Disney Plus Hotstar 

  • Amazon Prime Videos 

  • MX Player 

  • Netflix 

  • YouTube 

  • IMDb TV

  • SonyLiv

  • Zee5

  • Kanopy 

  • Popcornflix



Piracy websites like Movieninja are unlawful; therefore, the majority of countries have banned them. If you are using a piracy website and streaming or downloading copyright content without the consent of its authorised owner, you might go through legal action. The major websites are usually full of malware and cyber threats that might harm your device. At first sight, they will look like a promotional pop-up, and once you click on them, they will get access to your device and can steal your sensitive data or affect the functioning of your device. So, we recommend you avoid using piracy websites and use their legal alternatives to stream or download online content. 

Disclaimer- As a responsible publisher, neither we promote piracy websites nor inspire or recommend our readers to use piracy websites for entertainment. We have compiled all the information in this write-up to inform our readers and have suggested legal alternatives for such piracy websites as well.  We have clearly mentioned that these websites are unlawful, and harmful to users’ devices. Piracy websites are harming different entertainment industries, which is the foremost reason many countries have banned them and blocked them on the internet. 


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