Mi Home Security Camera 360-degree using Mi Home App

Mi Home Security Camera

After conquering Smartphone and Smart TV markets Xiaomi is moving towards the world of Automation with the Home Security cameras. Security cameras main asset is to cover a large area as possible by minimizing blind spots, which is covered by Xiaomi in its latest Mi Home Security Camera 360. It can pan 360-degrees horizontally and has a vertical view of about 96-degrees. It has 8 Infrared illuminators which help aperture camera to capture more light, due to this the camera can capture anything in the night up to 9m, though the clarity would be enough to get the identity of anyone.

It also got the AI-powered motion detector which can detect any constantly moving object for 10 seconds and record it in the storage using micro SD card placed in the security camera. This Mi Home security camera 360 can accept a micro SD card up to 64GB. This security camera is very helpful for at a time monitoring for casual users instead of professional users, as it cannot store more than 64GB, you have to change the disc or remove the previous data for more storage. Before you install the security camera you should download Mi Home App, which is easily available at play store or apple store, to monitor the security camera from your Smartphone. You can also move the body using D-pad and place it anywhere or resize the frame.




It also got a Talkback feature (2-way audio) which allows the user to speak through the camera from your Smartphone, users can broadcast audio remotely when they see someone through the camera. Wireless Home security cameras are basically great for small shops and businesses as they can be easily monitored within places of little room. Its body is like any other camera, plastic build that feels durable, easy to clean and smooth to touch. 

Mi Home Security cameras specifications are:-

Brand Mi
Product Weight    240g
Product Height  118m
Dimensions  7.8 x 7.8 x 11.8cm
Optical Zoom 2x
Optical sensor resolution      2MP
Minimum focal length   3.9mm
Battery   No
Storage Capacity      Up to 64GB supporting Micro SD
Horizontal rotation 360 degrees 
Vertical rotation 96 degrees

The Mi Home security camera features can be stated as follows:-

•    This security camera can rotate up to 360 degrees horizontally and has the view of 96 degrees vertically.

•    It also got the wifi connectivity along with the Micro SD card of storage up to 64GB.

•    Infrared night vision up to 9meters assisted by 8 infrared illuminators.

•    1080 pixels video recording is available in it with the ability to playback recorded footage from a remote location.

•    Users can choose to edit the surveillance timing to 24 hours, daytime, nighttime, or any other time frames for his need.

•    It also contains multiple infrared LED which can detect any moving object in the dark.

•    You can communicate through the speakers and microphones, present in the Security cameras, from anywhere.

•    As it stores data on micro SD card, it does not need any batteries.

•    If placed at a perfect place in the room it can cover every corner of the room.

•    The previously recorded footage can be seen through its Mi Home app, which is easily available at play store or apple store.

•    This Security camera is very light in weight i.e. 240g and is around 118m tall.

•    It has 2.4GHz of wifi connectivity, so if you are using dual-band wireless router, make sure you are using a dual band or 2.4GHz router for the camera.

So from the above details, we can say that this Mi Home security camera go hand in hand with the price as Xiaomi is providing the best Home security camera systems in quite a low price with amazing features like night vision, motion detector, 360degrees rotational view easy to maintain and operate. It is easily available online on Amazon at quite a low price of $38.5. It is easy to install on the wall or kept on the flat surface. In wireless home security cameras, it is very easy to have an in-wall connection, as in the wire plugged security cameras it is easy to break through by cutting up the wire and power source of the security cameras.

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