Master These Carrom Shots To Defeat Players Without Breaking A Sweat

Carrom Shots

Carrom is a highly popular tabletop game that is played by millions of people all around the globe. Thanks to the immense popularity that the game enjoys, iterations of the popular tabletop game are available virtually in the form of online games

To start indulging in online carrom, enthusiasts need to download a reliable online carrom app. The carrom game download procedure is very simple, and thus, any individual with a smartphone and an Internet connection can start indulging in online carrom games without hassle. 

Whether it is an online or offline game of carrom, players need to be familiar with top-tier carrom shots to ensure they easily win matches. Here are some of the most useful carrom shots every carrom enthusiast should learn and practice to win games:

Mid Shot

The Mid shot or the middle shot is one of the most useful carrom shots used very often by professional players. In most cases, players use this shot at the very start of carrom games. To implement the middle shot, players need to hit two tokens or discs simultaneously, which can be done by flicking the striker to the space present between the two targeted discs.

However, there are some limitations as to when the shot can be played. For instance, the mid shot can only be played when the two coins are placed adjacent to each other. The player must hit the striker precisely between the coins to ensure they move in different directions. Any player who wishes to start off their game on a good note should consider learning and mastering the middle shot. 

Side Shot

The side shot in carrom is very popular, mainly because it helps players get out of sticky situations during important matches. It is often used by players to be on the safer side. The primary aim of players looking to execute this trick shot is to hit the striker in such a way that it pushes the disc in the opposite direction. 

For instance, in a side shot, if the player flicks the striker toward the left side, the coin moves toward the right side. Besides this, there is another way in which players execute this shot, i.e., to ensure the disc goes directly into the pocket. Even if the attempt is unsuccessful, it may benefit the player by blocking the pocket, preventing the opponent from scoring. 

Back Shot

The back shot is a highly useful move that players can implement in high-intensity games to pocket discs with ease and finesse. This shot is generally used when a disc is near the pocket on the player’s side. 

Players must hit the striker to the opposite side to execute this shot perfectly. Doing so will rebound it and make it hit the disc present on the side. Depending on where the target disc is located, players can play the back shot for the left or right pockets. 

Second Hit

There are instances in carrom matches when players wish to pocket two discs in a single shot because they are located very close to each other on the board. This is where the second hit shot comes in. This trick shot helps players in pocketing two coins in a single strike. This shot is taken when two coins are placed at an angle that directly points to a corner pocket. 

To execute the shot, players need to hit the disc placed first with such strength that both the targeted discs go straight into the pocket simultaneously. This trick shot can also be used by players at the start of the game to pot discs early since all discs are clustered together at the center.

Double Shot

The double shot is a trick shot that resembles the second hit shot in numerous ways. However, there is one massive difference between the two. As opposed to the second hit shot, which allows players to pocket two coins in the same pocket, the double shot is used to pocket two discs in different pockets. 

Moreover, there are two ways in which players can execute this shot in a carrom match, i.e., they can either play the shot directly or rebound it. In the first method, players need to hit the disc in front of them in such a way that it goes into a pocket that is present in the opposite direction. 

When it comes to the rebound method of playing the double shot, things become a bit complex. If a disc is present in front of the player on the right side and another disc is located between the right line and the edge near the right base pocket, players need to pot the first disc in front of them into the far right pocket. Doing so makes the striker rebound and come back to the player, hitting the disc on the right side into the right base pocket. 

Cut and Take

The cut and take trick shot in carrom is used when one coin is very easy to pot while the other is situated in a complicated position. To execute this shot, players need to pocket the easy disc first while simultaneously touching the difficult disc to remove the second disc from a complicated position, which can then be pocketed in the next shot.

Carrom is a highly competitive game in which one mistake can alter the outcome of matches. Hence, every player should be well-versed with the aforementioned trick shots to ensure emerging victorious in carrom games. 

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