Top 10 Advantages Of Magento PWA For Online Businesses

Magento PWA

With the potential to improve customer retention rates and boost website speed, progressive web applications may redefine online markets in the future. Firstly introduced by the Google PWA team, this technology is becoming popular among online business owners. Online merchants are widely using Magento PWA to serve their customers with a better mobile shopping experience. However, the concept of PWA is still alien to most people. So, let’s make it clear. 

What is Progressive Web Application?

It is a concept of designing a web application harnessing the latest web design & development technologies PWAs are fast, secure, engaging, and reliable. 
The best feature of PWA is that these applications can work offline and act like a native mobile app that is, of course, beneficial for eCommerce websites.
Magento 2 offers the support of PWA out of the box. The company provides a Magento PWA Studio, a set of tools for the fast development of Magento Progressive Web Apps. You can easily add a PWA storefront to an already existing Magento 2 website.

What is the Magento PWA?

Progressive Web Applications along with Magento can do wonders to the eCommerce business that’s why companies are moving towards Magento PWA over ordinary web design & development. Here are the top 10 Magento PWA features & benefits for businesses. 

1. Mobile-first Approach

Modern users are more likely to avail and reach out to your services via mobile and with the capability to match the mobile-first approach, Magento PWA are designed & developed with all-device compatibility and smooth functioning. 

2. Lower Development Cost

No more iOS/Android Development! Magento PWA enables you to get an all-device compatible application that functions smoothly across all platforms.

3. Generates Shareable Link

With Magento PWA, users can share links and get back to the same pages cached in the browser. Unlike traditional websites, progressive web applications are helpful in customer retention.

4. Powerful UX

Progressive web applications are just amazing as they bring the UX of native mobile apps and mobile web together to ensure smooth functioning on both web pages and native apps. 

5. Improved SERP Position

Besides immersive user experience, Magento PWA provides users with a solid ranking on SERP. As Google promoted Progressive Web Apps as the future of the web, it will pay more and more attention to such solutions. Google already ranks mobile-optimized websites higher in search results and a PWA is a great choice for a business that wants to be at the top of SERP.

6. Offline Availability

Users can browse an eCommerce PWA even without an internet connection. With the offline feature, it can increase your client retention rate and decrease customer churn rate.

7. Push Notifications

With better engagement and user experience, Magento progressive web applications provide you with a wider opportunity to promote your products and services with push notifications.

8. Quick Loading Time

PWA comes up with 2-3 times faster loading speed than traditional websites. That’s why Google mobile-first Indexing helps them rank higher on SERP. 

9. Native Feel

While users have been used to mobile applications, progressive web applications are no different. Users can easily add them to the home screen and interact with them in the offline mode.

10. Improved Security

Magento PWA is the most preferred choice for eCommerce website development because it provides improved data protection with HTTPS protocol.

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