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People, around the world, are connected through expanding market and globalization. They need to interact on a daily basis to reach their target customers.  Despite uninterrupted trade and connectivity, the language barrier remains as an obstacle in communication. Traders and businessmen always feel the language gap is decreasing their business opportunities. Still, countless best language translation apps are making communication easy throughout the world. With the help of such apps, people can understand other languages and take full advantage of the best profit-making opportunities. People always search for an informative list of language translation apps. We understand this need of the hour, that’s why we are providing you with a list for best translation apps to help you out.  All language translation apps don’t have equal features. Some are good, some are best. To analyze such features we will discuss 5 superior apps in details. 

1. Google Translate
You can say it is the best translation app for Android and iPhone users. This app backs text translations in 103 languages. It can also translate speech in 32 languages. Google Translation app is competent enough to do camera translations in 38 languages. Besides that, it can do image/photo translation in 50 languages. It can also translate your handwriting in 93 languages. This app has the ability to do offline translation in 59 languages. This app is the product of the world’s prominent internet company and that’s the only reason people use it worldwide.  People have already put this app in the first place of the reference category of apps in the iOS app store. This app is made after years of research and development. It can translate voices in real-time through conversation translation. It is designed to execute translations across apps. This thing lets you do translations by tapping on the app’s persistent circular icon.   



2. Day Translations 
This app provides you with a swift and reliable translation. It comes under the category of the finest language translator app. It is very unique because it is applicable to both human and machine translation. And, this feature makes it one of the best options among translation apps. Through this app, you can get prompt translations and even contact a human translator for professional translation. The result you get after such activity is contextually accurate. This app can also correct your pronunciation at every step. It can verbalize the pronunciation of words you are not familiar with. Day Translations is a free app for all iOS and Android app and updated recently. Now, this app can do speech to speech translations. Every user is now having a personal interpreter in his/her pockets. You can now translate your text in more than 100 languages such as Chinese, German, Bengali, Greek, Danish, Finnish, Catalan, Hindi, Georgian, Arabic, Afrikaans, Croatian, etc. It has machine translation feature which does Quick Translations on iOS. It also does Free Translations on Android. 


3. iTranslate
iTranslate is a top rated app on iTunes and Google Play. This app is a free language dictionary & translation app that performs voice to voice, text to text and text to voice translations. This app supports 100+ languages which makes this app a very handy communication tool while you travel to different parts of the world. This app has several features like translation sharing, transliteration, history of translations, the ability to keep favorites and female and male translation voices. If you download it, you get a phrasebook and visual dictionary. If you upgrade the premium version of this app, you can access the camera translation, verb conjugation guide, offline mode features, conversation translation and website translation. This app is considered as the best translation app offline which gives so many quality features. 


4. Speak & Translate 
This app is an advanced speech and text translator which has the highest ratings on iTunes. You can say it is the best translation app for iPhone user. This app is capable enough to do speech translation in 54 languages and text translation in 117 languages. It has swift and accurate in handling voice recognition as it comes with Apple’s proprietary speech recognition technology. The feature of iCloud integration lets you store your translation history and synchronize them across iOS devices. This will provide you with one function of text to text translation through which it detects unknown language. However, it allows an optimum number of translations per day. You must have network connectivity to use this app.   


5. SayHi
This is a free translation Android and iOS app which is known as a voice translator for everyone. This app has made rounds in major online and traditional media like Lifehacker, TechCrunch and NBC Today show. 90 languages such as Greek, French, Czech, Filipino, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian Italian, Spanish, etc. has been supported by this app. It also has a feature of camera translation which works for major Asian characters like Chinese, Japanese and Korean. This app also does text, conversational and voice translations. It can also copy and share translated texts through SMS, social media and email. Speech translator’s voice can be slowed down for easy emulation and set for female or male. So, if someone wants to learn a new language can do with the help of this feature. 



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