Is Bingo Clash Legit: Everything You Need To Know

Is Bingo Clash legit

Today, many apps are claiming that you can win money online by playing games. One such app is Bingo Clash. It is the latest online earning game on the market today, and millions of people are already playing it. This begs the question, is Bingo Clash legit? What is Bingo Clash? Should you trust it? We have come up with this blog to answer all your questions, so make sure you read it till the end. So let's start!

What is Bingo Clash?

To answer your question, is Bingo Clash legit? We will first have to know, what is Bingo Clash. It is a Casino game. This game lets you play the classical game of Bingo in a Digital Form factor while earning money at the same time. It was developed by one of the most popular online casino game developers out there, AviaGames. The developer claims that this is a 1V1, tournament-style ‘skill-based game’. But, it's not as simple and clean as it sounds, some sneaky things are lurking in the background that you should be aware of. This game is available for both Android and IOS. It is one of the Several casino-style games available on IOS. 

How Does Bingo Clash Work?

Is Bingo Clash legit? Before knowing this you should know how it works. So Bingo Clash is an online casino app that lets you play classic games like Bingo digitally and lets you earn money. After you first log in to the app, you will have to play a few practice matches with tickets. Only after that, you can play with your actual money. It offers two gaming modes and they are as follows:

Free-To-Play Games: You can join freeroll tournaments or matches using the tickets you get in the game and can win tickets or small amounts of cash if you win. This mode is mainly for practising and having fun, if that is all that you’re looking for. 

Pay-To-Play Games: If you’re done with free-to-play tournaments, you can join pay-to-play games. Here you will have to spend money to get into 1v1 matches of Bingo. Here you have the chance of winning real cash prizes, assuming you win the match.

Freeroll tournaments usually pay somewhere around $3 to $10, but the chance of winning real money in a Freeroll tournament is pretty slim. If you really want to earn money then pay-to-play is the way to go. You can earn as much as a hundred dollars in this mode, at the risk of losing your money of course. These are the things that force us to question, is Bingo Clash Legit?

Is Bingo Clash Legit?

Is Bingo Clash legit? On paper, Bingo Clash is as legit as it gets. It is the 6th largest casino gaming app right now. The thing you have to remember is that ultimately, Bingo Clash is a gambling game and winning comes at the risk of losing money. 

This is where all the shady and sneaky things come to light. For starters, Bingo Clash claims that it is a skill-based game. This claim is not at all valid as Bingo is not a skill-based game in the first place because it mostly depends on your luck. You cannot win the game unless the right numbers are called. 

The second claim by Bingo Clash is that you play with real players from all around the world, but this too cannot be verified in any way. According to the reviews online, it lets you win in the beginning and then matches you up with bots instead of real players. When playing against a bot, the odds are stacked against you as the bot follows a fixed algorithm that helps them with the game. Moreover, if the bot wins, the money it wins goes straight to Bingo Clash. 

Another reason why Bingo Clash doesn’t seem legit is its pay structure and the additional fees it charges you. If you withdraw less than $10, the app will take $1 dollar from the winning. Additionally, there is a service fee that is charged when you win a game and winnings are transferred to your account. All in all, in total Bingo Clash charges almost 20% of the winning amount. 

Some Good Bingo Clash Alternatives

If the question of, whether is Bingo Clash legit, bothers you and you are not able to trust the platform but still want to earn money or prizes, you should play its alternatives. There are many alternatives to Bingo Clash that are legit.  Some of them are as follows:

1. Branded Survey: It is a website on which you perform surveys and earn real cash that can be later transferred to your PayPal account. 

2. Mistplay: This app lets you play the latest Android games and gives you gift cards as prizes. 

3. Swagbucks: This is also a survey game where you can earn real cash by doing surveys. 

4. Kashkick: Another survey game. 

5. Ipsos iSay: A worldwide survey website. 


In Conclusion, we would like to say that Bingo Cash is a good app if your sole purpose is to enjoy the game of Bingo. However, betting money on this app can be a bit daunting. It is recommended that you don’t bet money on this game. 








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