Instagram’s New Co-watching Features To Connect People In Quarantine Due To COVID-19


Though it’s just a week or month of lockdown in countries like Italy, Spain, China and U.S.A. but it feels like a year when in quarantine. Anyways, Instagram has introduced all-new Co-watching features to connect people isolated by Coronavirus outbreak. 

Scrolling through your Instagram feed has, until this new feature, something that you do alone, Surprisingly, with more and more people stay disconnected to friends and families to halt the spread of the novel Coronavirus, Instagram has brought a new feature namely Co-watching to connect people in isolation and feel, well, less than being locked down in their own homes. 

Though lockdown makes no difference for corporate employees, what about social butterflies? They are badly affected due to Coronavirus outbreak even more than China itself, therefore, Instagram's new Co-watching feature enables friends on an individual video call or (even  a group chat) to browse  through memes and other posts together. Even the posts liked or saved from one of them in their Instagram feed. It also allows the  participants  on the call to access other recommendations.

It enables the families, friends and groups to share their talks on different photos and videos-on-call to give them a way to stay in tone and connected.

How Does it work?

This is not a rocket science, therefore, you would take hours to understand through this simple guide to use this feature. The direct messaging feature on the Instagram platform by tapping on the icon on the top left just like a paper plane.

  • Tap on the icon on the top right

  • Tap to the video call option

  • Start a new video call with an individual or a group

  • Once you start the call tap the photo icon

  • The one you will select will appear on the screen of both you and your friend at one time

Now, you can add some flavor of love on your feed, but connect your favorite person. 

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Instagram’s surprises don’t finish here

In addition to enhancing the user’s experience Instagram introduces some other updates apart from this Co-watching feature. Now, you will not miss a single update as Instagram starts to highlight news and educational resources about the COVID-19 pandemic. 

You can just tap to the search bar and will see the efforts Instagram has made in approach to provide all the essential information about the Coronavirus outbreak and halt the spread of this matter of health and life. 

Also, due to the outbreak and the damage it has done and continues to do more, Instagram is increasing the number of donation stickers to encourage people to donate more and more to help the corona affected people around the world get some life. 

This is how easy-to-use Co-watching feature will help people under Coronavirus’s threat to connect with their friends and loved ones. Coronavirus outbreak that began from Wuhan, China has claimed over 18,000 lives around the world yet and the number is hiking by every hour. 
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