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Instagram’s new video platform is known as IGTV, introduced on 20th June 2018, is a place to upload a long form of videos on it. This video platform is available on both the new standalone IGTV app and the native Instagram app. In recent years, the power of the internet is already well known as Facebook alone gets an average of eight billion daily views. YouTube video’s platform has already shown its power as it has enabled young teens to become national superstars like Justin Bieber. Basically, IGTV is Instagram’s way of interrupting the traditional view of TV experience and updating it in the best way possible for a modern and mobile experience.

Unlike Instagram stories, IGTV videos can be up to 60 minutes for the popular or verified users, and for all other users, the videos can be up to 10 minutes. However, the popular Instagram Growth Service Growthsilo says that video that are 5-7 minutes long are proven to go viral among Instagrammers. If you have a larger or verified account and want to publish an hour-long video then you must upload it to the IGTV through a computer. Anyone can easily download this app by simply going to the Google or App Store. If you don’t want to download this external app then you can still access IGTV by just clicking on the TV-shaped icon available at the top right corner of your Instagram home screen.

How to Create An IGTV Channel And Upload Videos On It

To post any video on IGTV you need to first create your own IGTV Channel. The benefits of creating the IGTV channel include the same privacy settings and Bio as your Instagram account.

Steps to create your own IGTV channel from the Instagram app are;

  1. Tap the IGTV logo, which is present at the near top right corner of your home feed.

  2. Tap the gear icon present on the right side of the screen opened after tapping the IGTV logo.

  3. Tap Create Channel and your own IGTV channel is created.

After creating your own Instagram channel, you should know about how to upload your own IGTV video. You can upload your IGTV video from either mobile or desktop, but if you are having a verified account then you can upload up to a 1-hour long video, only through a computer.

Steps to upload an IGTV Video from the Instagram app

  1. To upload your video on IGTV you have to first tap the IGTV logo present on the top right side of the feed.

  2. To view your channel, you should tap on your profile photo present on the bottom right of your Instagram app.

  3. Tap the ‘+’ option and choose a video and then tap Next and finally, add title and description to your video and tap post.

To increase the views and engagement of your video, you must share a one minute preview of your video to your Instagram profile or feed. Along with this, you can also share your video to your connected Facebook page. Make sure that you take special care to edit your cover photo, which should be clear, compelling, descriptive and should match with the aesthetics you shared in your Instagram feed.

IGTV Is Now For Both Vertical & Landscape View

Before this latest Instagram update, IGTV was used to be all about vertical videos, but now vertical video experiment is over and the Instagram users will now have the support of landscape videos on IGTV.

Instagram said “ We have realized this is an evolution from where IGTV started – we believe it’s the right change for viewers and creators ”, as the change comes because of the creator feedback.

Vertical videos are basically for those creators who want to be up close and personal with their audience but landscape view also has its own strengths, especially when it comes to the format of videos like dance and sports which should be in high motion and often features a handful of people in the frame. Many creators were already sharing videos in landscape view on IGTV, but viewers are not able to flip their phones to watch the videos in landscape mode. With the help of this new update of Instagram, the creators can flip their phones to watch them in full screen providing the users with the ideal viewing experience.

Features Of IGTV Videos

The features to be included in the videos to be uploaded on IGTV should be:

  • In MP4 file format.

  • A vertical aspect ratio of 9:16.

  • Minimum frame rate should be 30 FPS (frames per second) along with the minimum resolution of 720 pixels.

  • Maximum file size for the verified user’s videos can be up to 60 minutes in 3.6 GB, while for all other users it can be up to 10 minutes in 650 MB of space.

  • Cover photo size should not exceed 420px by 654px (or 1:1.55 ratio).

Best Practices Of IGTV

Some of the best practices of IGTV, to enhance the ideal viewing experience of other viewers viewing your video include;

  • Cross promote your video

  • Optimize your videos for silent viewing

  • Include the most important info of your videos up front

  • Use relevant hashtags in your description

  • Only longer format posts content should be uploaded

  • Use your brand fonts, colors, themes, etc.


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