How To Win EBay Bids: An Easy Way To Save And Earn

How To Win EBay Bids

3 2 1…and Sold! Ever got the opportunity to bid in an actual auction? Do you want to experience a virtual version of auctions, then log in to EBay. One of the oldest and the most used e-commerce company that brings together buyers and sellers from all over the globe, in almost any category imaginable. On EBay, sellers can list their products and buyers can give a price of the product that they are willing to pay. Using this platform for bidding, customers have made high profits and have got quality products at a very affordable price. If you also want to learn how to win EBay bids and earn profits for yourself, then this article will be of great help for you. 

How Bidding Works On EBay?

Before learning how to win EBay bids, learn how to start bidding:

  • Open the EBay app and sign into your account. 

  • Then search for the item that you want to purchase

  • Make sure that the “auction” option is selected in the ribbon above the item list. 

  • Then click on the item that you want to purchase and you will see a “Current Bid” option. 

  • All you have to do is enter a bid amount higher than the amount that is there as the current bid and simply click on submit bid option. 

  • That’s how simple it is to make bids on EBay. 


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How to win EBay Bids?

Now that you’ve successfully learnt how to place a bid, let us jump back to the main topic of discussion, i.e, how to win EBay bids. 
To win bids, there are different strategies used by people. 

Don’t bid in the auction early, follow the trend and bid in the last few minutes left and if you are confident enough, you can wait for the last few seconds (this could be as short as 2 seconds before the auction ends). This works because if you make a bid at the very last second, the other customers do not get the time to modify their bids accordingly. If you want to learn, how to win EBay bids, then this is the best and most trusted technique. 

Work smartly and initially filter out the items that are in the “Buy Now” category so that you don’t have to wait for the auction/bid to end and can instantly make your purchase. You can also list the items on the “ending soonest” parameter so that you get to know which bid is ending soon and you can bid on it before it ends. This is how to win ebay bids successfully and smartly.   

Don’t bid in round-off figures. For example, if the price of an item is 2$, then bid for 1.97$ This uneven number can get you a little extra money at hand. This is not a full-proof idea, just a little hack which might work. 

Another hack that can work in answering the question of how to win EBay bids is searching for wrongly spelt items. Sellers sometimes mistakenly put a wrongly spelt word to describe their items and you can take advantage of this to make money. So the next time instead of searching “Crockery”, also try searching “Krokery” or “Crokery”, you might even save a few bucks in the process. 

Sometimes when you are not available to bid on the items that you want to purchase manually, you can use the automatic bidding system and feed in the highest possible amount that you can pay for the item and place the bid. Rest all will be taken care of by the automatic bidding system. It will keep you in the bid game by placing your bid in an increasing fashion. The system will also notify you if someone has placed a bid higher than you and that's how to win ebay bids easily. 

End Note

EBay is a one-of-a-kind platform giving users a chance to try their luck at bidding and getting the best price for the items that are listed. Learn how to win EBay bids, but make sure you know when to stop, it can get addictive at times. The site can let you, make a lot of money in very little time if you use the right tips and tricks while bidding. 


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