How To Play Cup Pong On iPhone | Easy Ways

How To Play Cup Pong On iPhone | Easy Ways

Cup Pong is one of the most popular multiplayer games for iPhone users. It is a simple and exciting game in which players throw balls into the cups. The player who throws the highest number of balls in the cup wins the game. The popularity of the game is increasing day by day because of its simple interface and engaging gameplay that lets people search about how to play cup Pong on iPhone. Are you also in the queue? If yes, the solution is here. 

We have put together every detail regarding Cup Pong and how to play it. Continue reading!

About Cup Pong

Cup Pong is an iMessage (Apple's messaging platform) game available on GamePeigon in the App Store iMessage section. You can use GamePegion to play the game with anyone who uses iMessage once you have installed it. If you do not know how to get cup pong on iMessage, we will share the procedure. 

So let's read the instructions on how to play Cup Pong on iPhone. 

How To Get Cup Pong On iMessage or iPhone?

As discussed above, Cup Pong is downloaded on GamePigeon. So if you want to play the game, you must download GamePigeon. Follow the below procedure to download the game. 

Step 1- Go to Apple Store, search for GamePigeon and install it

Step 2- After downloading, open the iMessage app and select the icons displayed on the home screen. Find the extension and open it. 

Step 3- You will see the GamePigeon tab in the icons. Swipe up to expand the game collection to see the Cup Pong that you can see in the second row. 

Now that you have downloaded the game, it is time to learn how to play cup pong on iPhone. Here are the details.

Steps To Play Cup Pong On iPhone 

Cup Pong is simple to play, and it gets even simpler with detailed instructions. We break down the procedure of playing Cup Pong on iPhone. 

Basic Requirements To Play Cup Pong

  • There must be two players in the game. 

  • To gain a point, the ball must be placed in the cup. There is only one method to score the point; by placing the ball inside the cup. It does not count as a score if it does not go into the cup and only strikes it. 

  • Each person has one chance to play the ball. They will get another chance if they succeed in putting the ball in the cup.

  • The cup in which the ball lands is removed before the second chance. 

  • The player who successfully throws the ball into most cups wins the match. 


Let's come straight to how to play cup pong on iPhone. 

Basic Steps On How To Play Cup Pong on iPhone 

  • Open iMessage on your iPhone. 

  • You can choose any contact from your contact list who uses iMessage to interact with you on their iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Note: If your text to them shows in blue bubbles, that means they are using iMessage. 

  • Tap GamePigeon after swiping left. The GamePigeon icon is located above the keyboard and below the typing area. 

  • Cup Pong may be found by scrolling down. Once you find it, tap on it, and you will see an invitation message 

  • You need to send this invitation message to the person you want to play cup pong with. 

  • To send the message, tap on the blue-and-white arrow and send it to the contact with whom you want to play Cup Pong. 

  • After that, your component must tap on the invitation to begin its turn. 

  • To see your opponent's turn, hold the Cup Pong video. 

Note: You will see the opponent's video on your screen until they complete their chance. Once they complete, you will see "Your Turn" on your screen.  

  • The colour of the cups will change when it is your chance. 

  • Next will be your opponent's chance once you play your chance. 

  • Play until your opponent has cleared all the cups from one side of the table. 


This is how to play Cup Pong on iPhone. Playing the game is simple and interesting also. Keep these tips in mind to score high points. 

Bonus Tips- Stay close to the vertical line but when you get halfway up the line, deviate slightly to the side with more cups remaining. To get the best shot, aim the ball to the side with the most cups. This is how to win Cup Pong on iPhone. Don't worry if you lose the game. A few practices will make you an expert in the game. 

If you find our write-up on how to play Cup Pong on iPhone helpful, kindly mention it in the comment section. We will be glad to hear from you. 

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