Here Is How To Get A Blue Tick On Your Facebook Page In India?

How To Get a Blue Tick on Your Facebook Page

In this digital world, every second business relies on social media to attract and engage users. While 40% of all users are coming directly from social media, it is essential to get your social platform verified, especially if you have a large community of followers or a giant social circle. A verified account not only increases your authenticity on the platform but also gives you an edge over your competitors. 

Have you ever noticed that tiny blue & white tick next to the name of some popular brands, public figures, and companies that you follow on social media? This blue tick indicates their authenticity & genuineness and shows that they are verified by the platform as an individual/brand and not a fan page.

Originally introduced to public figures, celebrities, politicians, sportspersons, and teams, social media giant Facebook now allows you to verify your Facebook page and get a blue tick on. You need to fulfill their terms & conditions and Facebook’s verification badge will appear on your page besides the name. 

Many people wonder how to get a blue tick on Facebook without being famous, so here in this article, we will show you how to get a blue tick on your Facebook page in India or how to get verified on Facebook with a Blue badge. We request you to read thoroughly so you don’t miss anything because we will discuss the benefits of getting your Facebook page verified and a step-by-step guide to verify your business page as well.

Did You Check Eligibility for Facebook Page Verification?

Facebook provides the Blue Tick Verification to eligible brands, celebrities, journalists, public figures, and organizations. However, they need to be eligible for this. Eligibility for Facebook Page Verification is based on different factors, including policy compliances, account completeness, and public interest as well. Therefore, you need to check your page eligibility for Facebook page verification.

To get a blue tick on your Facebook page in India, your Facebook page must abide by Facebook’s terms & conditions and the following.

  • Add a cover photo on your Facebook profile and page.

  • Add a profile photo.

  • Add a username following Facebook’s guidelines.

  • Check the content posted on your website.

  • Enable the ‘FOLLOW’ option when you apply for Facebook’s Blue Tick Verification.

Once you’ve checked Eligibility for Facebook Page Verification, follow these steps. Here is how to get a blue tick on your Facebook Page in India and a complete guide to apply to get your Facebook page or profile verified.

  • Link your business website to your Facebook profile or page.

  • A variety of basic information will appear on your Facebook Page’s About Section accordingly category your business or page comes in. 

  • While Facebook manually verified pages in India, you need to add precise details about your business to help people learn your business easily & quickly.

  • Make sure you have added your official website, rewards, bio, and more. 

  • To ensure 100% successful blue tick verification on Facebook, you better provide true and complete information in your profile. Add your official website link to the About Section.

  • Switch your profile to PUBLIC so that everyone can visit your page and know your business.

  • Be social, and earn at least a few hundred (500-700) followers before applying for Facebook Blue Tick Verification.

  • Once you check eligibility for Facebook page verification, you can submit your request for Blue Tick here.

  • It will ask for a government-issued ID card (US IDs or a Passport Works Best).

  • Write an interesting and reasonable intro to fill Why Your Page Should Be Verified. You better add your rewards, and relevant press releases or a Wikipedia page.

  • Once you complete this process, wait for a few days to get hear from Facebook’s Big Brothers.

What if Facebook Rejects Your Verification Request?

While you are searching for how to get a blue tick on your Facebook Page in India, hundreds of people have submitted their applications to get verified from Facebook. However, Facebook doesn’t accept all the requests and rejects many verification requests since the entire verification process has been handled manually.

So, in case Facebook rejects your submission, visit the Facebook support page to read more about their policies and make sure that your profile complies with all the regulations. We have curated this article to answer your query regarding “how to get a blue tick on the Facebook page in India” but the social media giant keeps changing its policies therefore you must read them properly.


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