Step-By-Step Guide On How To Cancel Audible Membership

How To Cancel Audible Membership

Got a subscription to amazon's audible audiobook? But you hardly use the application? Don't worry; you do not have to share your password and login details for the audiobook! However, we share a detailed guide with you on how to cancel audible membership. 

Audible is basically a service provided by Amazon, where you can listen to different audiobooks, magazines, chapters from a book, radio podcasts, TV serials, news, etc. You can easily enjoy audiobooks anytime and anywhere, especially while travelling. We understand that carrying a novel or book everywhere could result in worn-out pages, and it is difficult to find a peaceful place to sit and read it. Whereas audible membership can enhance your reading experience, as you get to listen to the whole novel without worrying about the location, time etc.   

Though many users are not aware that they have a subscription to the audible audiobook and are unknowingly paying for the membership! Fret no! we have got you covered with our advanced guide on how to cancel audible membership. Here are some essential points you need to follow in order to learn the process of how to cancel audible members. 

Guide On How To Cancel Audible Membership

If you are a new customer, the audible provides a free trial period of about 30 to 90 days for everyone. Once you proceed forward and fill in the details while taking the free membership, the app directly saves your name and card details. After the free trial period is about to end, it sends a pop-up notification and renews the subscription while deducting money from your account directly.  This process may continue for months and years if you are not aware of how to cancel audible membership. The maximum subscription price of an audible membership is around Rs. 199 per month, and this could be roughly estimated at $2.70. 

Steps On How To Cancel Audible Membership 

Cancelling an audible membership is as easy as eating a banana. It doesn't matter what your reason behind the purchase or cancellation of your audible membership is. It is not worth wasting your money on a subscription you no longer require. Here is the guide on how to cancel audible membership easily - 

  1. Open the audible website and sign in to it. 

  2. Select the 'Hello' option given in the corner, and move to the account details. 

  3. If the page is not opened up directly, select another option of 'View Membership Details.' 

  4. On the membership section, click on the 'cancel membership option. 

  5. Another page would appear showing your unused credits. Once you cancel the membership, you cannot use those credits any further. 

  6. Still willing to go ahead and cancel the subscription, select ‘No Thanks’ and finalise the cancellation. 

Points To Remember When Learning About How To Cancel Audible Membership 

  1. Make sure you have saved all the purchased audiobooks before cancelling the subscription. 

  2. The purchased audiobooks must be available from the website as well as the app. 

  3. In case of any unused credits in your audible account, make sure to use them before cancelling the membership. 

  4. It is not possible to access the credits once you have to cancel the subscription. 

  5. Receive and use every possible refund and credit until and unless you are a member.  

Once you have easily learned about how to cancel audible membership, we would suggest you check the credits and possible refund available on your account. Apart from directly cancelling the membership, you are also provided with another option of “pausing” the membership.  

How To Pause The Audible Membership 

  1. Pausing the subscription is rather easy than cancelling it. When learning how to cancel audible membership, do it directly from the Contact Us page. 

  2. Select the option of My Account. 

  3. Click on the option of 'Pause Membership' and look for the next option to appear. 

  4. Now select any one option from chat, phone or email and send the request to the team. 

Final Thoughts 

When you are about to learn how to cancel audible membership, make sure you have no use of the subscription further, you can also get other audiobooks instead of audible. Also, keep in mind to use the credit score and refunds before signing off. Audible has a variety of books and podcasts to listen to, but if you are still not interested, we would suggest you follow the step by step guide and learn how to cancel Audible membership. 


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