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The cloud gaming sector in India is heating up. Nvidia’s game streaming service GeForce Now was in talks for a long time. Finally, the cloud-based streaming service is set to take over Google Stadia (competitor) in North America and Europe. However, GeForce Now India is still a long way to become relativity. But that doesn’t mean you can not use GeForce Now in India despite being unreleased. 

First, learn what exactly GeForce Now is. Later, this post will cover other necessary factors such as what is the GeForce Now launch date in India and how to stream GeForce Now in India right now. If you’re desperate to dive into GeForce Now, read the post till the end carefully. We have, in this post, covered every detail about GeForce Now India to improve the gaming experience of the gamers.  

What is GeForce Now?

In simple words, GeForce Now is like Netflix for gamers. Gamers can stream video games over the internet just like streaming videos on video streaming platforms. It is the cloud game streaming service that allows gamers to play high-end games on computers, smartphones, and tablets. You can play the best PC games on Mac or low-end Windows systems without worrying about the hardware inside their system. 

What you need is an active account on GeForce Now and a strong internet connection, and you are all set to enjoy games, regardless of where you’re and what your device is. 

The fact that keeps GeForce Now apart from Google Stadia is that Nvidia isn’t restricting users from the use. Simply put, GeForce Now is accessible through Windows, macOS, Android phones, and Nvidia Shield TV. The only sad news is iOS users are not eligible to access it. Hopefully, Nvidia will add it as well soon. 

Now, when you know what GeForce Now is, let’s come back to the point and find out what GeForce Now India launch date is and how to download and stream GeForce Now India. 

How to Avail GeForce Now in India?

If you want to sign in to GeForce Now India, you would have to wait as the service is yet not available within India. When you try to do this, you’ll receive a message saying that ‘not supported in your region.’ That means you have to wait for the GeForce Now release date in India. If you’re willing to wait, head to the podium, sign up for the GeForce Now India account. You will be on the waiting list for a chance to be part of the beta in the first few months after GeForce Now launch in India.

If you’re impatient like many of us, further details will elaborate on how to access GeForce Now India now. 

To get access to GeForce Now India, you’ll need to meet a few requirements.

What You’ll Need- 

  • Sturdy and stable Internet Connection (minimum 15Mbps speed for 720p 60fps and 25Mbps for 1080p 60fps gaming)

  • Mac, Windows system, or Android smartphone

  • VPN account (which connect you to the EU Northwest server)

  • If you don’t know how to choose the best VPN provider, we make every step easy for you. Click here to learn!

  • A game 

Note- To reduce latency, it is suggested using a wired or 5G Wi-Fi connection. 

It’s time to move further to learn how to get access to GeForce Now in India without its launch. Excited? Here is the way to GeForce Now India. 

As VPN is the only way to get Nvidia GeForce Now India, let’s discuss a step-by-step guide to run GeForce Now in India through VPN. 

Step 1: Connect VPN

  • Open your VPN provider

  • Choose any of these best VPNs, if you’re looking for unmatched security.

  • If you choose ProtonVPN, connect the EU-Northwest server from your VPN server list

  • Now connect to Sweden server

If you don’t want an expensive VPN service, here are two alternative ways. 

VPNs are always safe to use. But reliable and safe VPNs always charge you money and free VPNs are not safe to use. So here are the alternative yet helpful ways to use expensive VPNs. 

Alternative 1: 

  • Get Google’s free server in the EU Northeast region

  • Install s shuttle on your system that will allow you to use a virtual server as a VPN server 

Alternative 2:

  • If you have an AWS account, launch a t3.nano

  • Make sure to ssh Key 

  • Stop server after launching the game -- this will save your cost

  • Now set s shuttle to this new server as VPN

Note- You will need to install s shuttle on your local machine rather than on the server you just installed.

Step 2: Sign up & Download GeForce Now India

  • OpenNvidia GeForce Now Sign up page, Click Join Today, and Create Account

  • Choose a plan from Free or Founders (1 hour free continuous playtime and 6 hours free continuous playtime with other features)

  • Go to the ‘GeForce Now India Download’ page and hit the Download button

  • Wait for the installation process to get complete on your system 

  • Once completed, log in to the account

In the process of using GeForce Now India, now move to the next step. 

Step 3: Connect Steam and Launch Game

  • When you log in to GeForce Now India account, search for a game you want to play, and click on Play

  • Only certain games are free to play online (Eg- Fortnite), for others you’ll have to purchase them from their respective stores

  • If you own a game in a store like Steam, GeForce Now will guide you through the process of linking your account. 

  • When the game is launched, you can disconnect your VPN 

  • Disconnecting VPN at this stage. It will allow you to connect directly to the Nvidia server and improve the speed

  • At this moment, be patient and wait because it might take 3-4 minutes to launch the game. 


List of GeForce Now Games  

If you wonder what to play on GeForce Now, here is the updated list of GeForce Now games. Choose your favorite game and start playing. 

Note- The list of GeForce Now Games is unlimited, we have mentioned a few popular games.

Let’s check out the list. 

  • Age of Wonders III

  • Call of Duty: World at War

  • Don’t Starve

  • Divinity Original Sin 2

  • Dying Light

  • Edge of Eternity

  • Fortnite

  • Gravel


  • Hollow Knight

  • Minecraft: Java Version

  • Overcooked 2

  • Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

  • Planet Zoo

  • RAGE 2

  • Reigns: Game of Thorns

  • Rugby 20

  • Unturned

  • The Forest

  • Surviving Mars

  • Super Mega Baseball 2


GeForce Now India Release Date in India

Nvidia GeForce Now India launch date is not yet confirmed. If you’re desperate to play games on GeForce Now, you will need indirect ways like a VPN server. We have already provided you a step-by-step guide to access GeForce Now in India through VPN, hit GeForce Now Download, and enjoy!

Play Your Favorite Game Anywhere with GeForce Now India

Nvidia cloud gaming is getting popular in India day by day. GeForce Now is an amazing platform to play online games 24*7 on the computer, laptop, and Android phones. However, the only thing missing so far is the iPhone version of GeForce Now. iPhone users, don’t be disheartened, the company will soon add this feature to its list. 

GeForce Now recently opened its public access to North American and European users. If you’re waiting from India, you’ll have to wait for the GeForce Now India version. But the aforementioned trick will help you to access the GeForce Now in India right now. Sign up, Download, and Enjoy! 

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