Best Free Beat Making Software 2022- Draft, Compose, And Rock!

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Beats are the heart of Music. Do you want to build a huge audience base with your heart-touching beats? Of course, you would love it. So get ready with your system and download these free beat making software to compose extremely sensational music of all types. 

So you want to be a music producer? Do you know it requires a lot of effort, investment, and equipment to produce something professional? You might not be ready to spend money on expensive equipment until you become a professional music producer. Luckily, you don't need to spend huge amounts to build your own recording studio as there are various best beat making software for beginners and experienced as well available in the market. 

In this post, we will uncover seven free beat making software based on their exclusive features. So whether you're a beginner wanting to draft your initial ideas or a professional music producer looking to create a heart-touching track to play, free beat making software online will give life to your music creativity. 

Try Free Beat Making software Free Download 2022 
Whether or not you’re a professional music producer, it would be difficult to complete a full track without having varieties of drums. Thus, choosing the best free beat maker makes more sense than struggling for a drum beat. 

1. Cakewalk by BandLab

Cakewalk by BandLab is one of the top choices of music producers. It is a Windows software based on a paid program called Sonar Platinum. It comes with various native plugins, a mixer, third-party plugin support, and a step sequencer. This program frequently updates and improves the user experience by producing powerful beats.  


  • Powerful mixing capabilities with its ProChannel modules

  • Includes a variety of loops and instruments


  • No audio editor

2. Waveform Free

When it comes to the best beat-making software for beginners, Waveform Free would fit best. It has professional-grade automation capabilities, cross-platform support, complete support for third-party VST Plugins. Waveform free is known as the best free beat making software because it is simple to use and intuitive. If you focus on combining beats, it is a great choice. 


  • Loaded with essential plugins

  • Complete support for VST plugins

  • Automation capabilities


  • Limited mixture

3. GarageBand

So the next free beat making software is for Mac users. GarageBand is the best choice if you’re a beginner and looking for software that includes a loop library and virtual instruments and supports several third-party plugins. The best thing about this free beat making software for Mac is it updates regularly. 


  • Get updates with each release of Mac OS.

  • Extensive instrument and loop library.

  • Wide support for third-party plugins in AU format.

  • Best beat-making software for beginners. 


  • For macOS users only

  • Having limited mixtures

4. MPC Beats

Developed by AKAI, MPC beats is the latest entrant into the free DAW space. If you're a HIP-HOP specialist, MPC Beats is an essential tool you should have. It has various features that make it the best free beat making software, like it comes with the 2GB collection of drum kit samples and tools. 


  • AKAI offers a free training video series for beginners.

  • Excellent free beat making software for beginners. 

  • Provide multiple tools for HIP-HOP beat making such as Virtual drum pads, audio effects, third-party plugin, time-stretching capabilities, etc. 


  • No established community for producers. 


If you’re looking for a simple free beat making software, LMMS is the best choice. It is an open-source, free beat maker that is compatible with all major operating systems. It includes features like a step sequencer, piano roll and playlist, and several other virtual instrument and effect plugins. For producers who want a smooth transition to FL Studio, it is an excellent choice. 


  • Cross-platform Support

  • Include step sequencer 

  • Loaded with features like virtual instruments and effect plugins


  • Limited mixer and audio editor

  • No audio recording

6. Studio One Prime

Studio One Prime by PreSonus is an excellent free beat making software for producers whose primary focus is sound design and audio recording. This free beat maker offers unlimited audio track and mix channels, multi-track comping, full MIDI support, time-stretching, and advanced automation, this is all that makes it a good choice over other free beat-making software online. 


  • Extensive mix capabilities.

  • Best for sound design and audio recording.


  • No third-party plugins

7. FL Studio

FL Studio is the pro-level free beat making software loaded with a range of features that every music producer would require. Unlike other free beat makers, it has a user-friendly interface as you can easily switch between mixture, track/waveform view, and other features like automation. Its step sequencer feature makes it an awesome beat-making software. 


  • Features various plugins that are easy to apply and control.

  • Produce absolutely fine and refreshing beats. 


  •  The limitation of free trial forces you to work in one session.


Whichever free beat making software you choose, all online software on the list helps you to make high-quality beats. The decision is yours which free beat maker you choose according to your requirement. If you’re looking for pure beat experience, look no further than Studio One Prime beat and if you want to produce HIP-HOP, choose MPC Beats. 


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