Do a Barrel Roll 10 Times: Google’s Most Popular Easter Egg

Do a Barrel Roll 10 Times

Do a barrel roll 10 times, and the screen spins 360 degrees in the clockwise direction. The rotation happens for nearly 5 seconds or more while the results are loaded. As you command Google to take action, it is a search engine function, though the renowned statement (do a barrel roll) has been taken from the ancient StarFox game Nintendo 64.

What is ‘Do a Barrel Roll 10 Times’ and More or Fewer?

Do a barrel roll 10 times and more or less is one of the most popular techniques for numerous browsers, especially Chrome and Firefox. Internet surfing is one of the most practiced activities in which people spend hours, either for work or to get enlightened at workstations or home. In such situations, when you are bored or looking for a change, “do a barrel roll 10 times” and see the magic. 

How ‘Do a Barrel Roll 10 Times’ Works? 

While the giant search engine, Google, discusses various problems for its customers and even offers solutions. There are numerous fantastic facts about Google, and it has designed numerous games and techniques to provide users amusement. Therefore, the set of the words do a barrel roll 10 times (you can add more or fewer numbers), which is an instruction to Google, rotates the entire screen in the direction of the clock and changes the sequence of its search results to amaze your vision.  

Further Tricks to Enjoy ‘Do a Barrel Roll 10 Times’ 

You can experience a similar amusement as ‘do a barrel roll 10 times’ when you hit the Z or R tab twice.” This phrase is grabbed by a game called Nintendo 64, a series of games developed by StarFox, and this command gives a similar experience to the gamers. 

Pilot Fox McCloud, the main protagonist in the game, follows the Star Fox series to protect his Lylat (spoken dialogues designed for the game). The Super Nintendo game enables you to ‘do a barrel roll’ by clicking the Z or R tab. Peppy Hare, a significant character of the game, leads the players with voice commands to do a barrel roll. 

Naturally, this technique is an amusing delight for those users who enjoy this technique. Once you know the trick, you can do a barrel roll 10 times, 20 times, 100 times, or even a million times if you are ready and have enough time for it.   

The developers at Google have developed this automation with HTML5, so you would not be able to operate it in all browsers, but you can perform it if you are using Chrome or Firefox as a browser.
The ‘Do a barrel roll’ trick was added to amuse users at the current browser’s presentation, Power of C55, and is still joyful.

Ways to Make More Fun With Do a Barrel Roll 10 Times 

Since people have been familiar with the trick, it has grabbed substantial social traffic, especially Twitter. The famous personalities discuss and share their experience of ‘do a barrel roll 10 times’ over Twitter. 

However, with the invention of ‘do a barrel 10 times’ or hitting Z and R twice, Google is developing fascinating techniques to amuse its users while spending a long time on the search engine.  

If you type, do a barrel roll 5.6 times; after rotating for a while, your home screen will be tilted upside down for a while. 

Other tricks of Google web fun like “do a barrel roll 10 times”

If someone is familiar with amusing google techniques, they will undoubtedly get entertained by them from time to time. Explore answers to major universal questions, and you’ll be astonished to see the answers. Moreover, there are numerous tricks for amusement in Google, and some of them are mentioned below. 

1. Atari breakout

When you type “Atari breakout” on your google search bar, a number of balls will be launched on your screen from the top. These pictures of balls in your Search engine can turn into block breakers! Though these balls are tiny in size yet can consume your search results one by one. You are required to keep moving the arrow from right to left to right and not let the ball reach the surface; if balls touched, you’d lose the game.

Access the Google homepage into your browser and type ‘Atari Breakout.’Now, some pictures will appear on your screen; select the first one of them. Your game is ready to start. 

2. Google Gravity 

In this activity, the gravity of the earth is depicted as the earth magnetizes everything. When you write Google Gravity in the Google search bar, the Google logo will fall, and tag search tabs will be broken into pieces.   

This activity will create as much amusement as ‘do a barrel roll 10 times’ does.  

3. Zerg Rush 

Zerg Rush is also a word set that amuses users if typed on the Google search bar. Just type ‘Zerg Rush’ in the search bar and hit ‘Enter.’ Ignore autosuggestions and click the first link that appears on the screen. It will launch some yellowish berries from the top and reddish berries from the right side. These berries will vanish all the search results that appear on your screen. 

4. Askew 

It is a similar trick to ‘do a barrel roll 10.6 times’  that also tilts the home screen. All you need to do is just type ‘askew’ in the google search bar and get delighted. 

5. Thanos 

When you are bored online, this technique will amaze you for a while and refresh you. Just type ‘Thanos’ into the search bar and touch the gauntlet and see the magic, and for sure, it will remind you of the movie ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. 

6. Google Sky 

Like do a barrel roll 10 times, it is also a fantastic trick to get delighted.  During those long sessions with google surfing or work allied with the profession, you can take a break and type ‘Google Sky’ in the search bar and hit Enter. The very first link will let you visit space, stars, and galaxies to calm your mind for a while. 

When it comes to popping up your mood, it’s not just “do a barrel roll 10 times” or hitting Z and R twice. There are many more techniques and tricks offered by Google, which are called Google Easter Eggs. So, when you are bored, these are the best tricks to get amused.  

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