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Photography with smartphones has become a new normal. Android phones are now offering great camera features to capture high resolution, sharpened and more focused pictures. It has made photography easier and impressive than ever before.

The idea of spending money on buying high resolution and top-notch feature cameras like DSLR is not worth these days because the market is inundated with smartphones that are loaded with best-in-class camera features or capable of supporting the apps that enable spectacular photography. 

Photography is something that can’t satisfy the photoholic person at just one click. They always look for perfection and elegance in their picture. If you’re among those and your phone camera is unable to satisfy your photography passion, there are tons of free and paid camera apps for your basic camera and sharing tools with full-featured photo editing app that let you shoot, edit, organize images better on your phones and even some of the apps provide the in-app option to save you pictures.

With these mentioned-below apps, make your photography more impressive, elegant, and perfect, just beyond your expectations. Whether you're a professional photographer or so-called progeny of Steve McCurry, these apps can take your photography passion to the next level. So let's find out your best app that can beat your phone’s camera when it comes to shooting.

1. Open Camera

If you’re looking for the best third-party camera on your android phone for more focused pictures, Open Camera is packed with the extra-ordinary features. With this third-party camera app, you get access to advanced IOS, white balance, and exposure options while taking snaps and additionally, an auto stabilization for an option for keeping everything steady.

To make your picture more interesting and fine, you can overlay a selection of grids and frames on your pictures. The app is available with several more camera features like you can set up a voice commence to take a shot, enable or disable the HDR feature, save the picture in RAW format, and plenty of others. Above all, the app is completely free for its users.

2. Manual

If your phone doesn't have the pro camera feature, Manual gives access to the Pro setting on your iPhone. You can adjust shutter speed, white balance, focus, IOS, and exposure. Besides these, you get a choice of black and white themes. More importantly, the app is mind-blowing and easy to use which can assist you with unmatchable picture results.

If you are keen on flawless selfies and want to collect some memorable memories of family get together, this app will give you a clear and more focused picture. 

3. Prime

If you’re photoholic then there is a lot in the Prime app for you. One of the highlighted features of this app is focus peaking which aims to highlight the objects currently in focus on the viewfinder screen. Alongside, it intelligently composes shots and produces effects like bokeh and blur.

Prime is not limited in features as it is equipped with plenty of features that leave no stone unturned to make your picture more impressive and charming with the features like, flash, shutter speed, white balance, adjustments, exposure compensations and live light meter that you can use when you’re framing shots. More interestingly, the Apple Watch app will allow you to use the writable as a remote control.

4. Camera+

There is no better app than Camera+ for iPhone. From advanced manual controls built into the shutter screen to impressive sharpening to tweaking tools, it is able to give you so many camera features that give you a picture of the day. It also enables you to use the RAW mode to capture everything coming in front of the camera, action mode to focus on the moving objects, and slow shutter mode to get as much light as possible.

This app gives you a lot to play including satisfying a professional photographer. All in all, the Camera+ app has the potential to beat any other camera iPhone app that enables sharpening photos. 

5. Footej Camera

When it comes to the most impressive camera on Android phones, Footej comes at the top in the list. Its design is actually quite similar to the iPhone. Most importantly, it boasts a comprehensive number of features to help you get the exact shot you are keen for every time when you use the app. 

For more charming and satisfying pictures, the app offers manual control over focus and exposure and always handy option to create GIF directly from the camera. The quality of the camera is superb and the interface is neatly done as well. More importantly, there is a built-in gallery for reviewing photos at ease.

Taking a satisfying picture is easier said than done but the theorem of photography has reached another level with these apps. Make your photo look perfect and make it a worthy social media post is the priority of more than half of the audience. To make your photo look professional and grab attention in social media feeds, it is important to put some extraordinary efforts that can only be possible with these camera apps.

Apparently, adobe photoshop and other similar software are mind-blowing in photo-editing, but they can be expensive. The good news is you don't need to be professional to edit your photos and make them stand out on social media with these apps. Mobile apps are always above all other software and techniques as they help you effortlessly to make your work easier.

Try these apps if you want to get in the picture-perfect frame.


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