Top Blogging Sites to Express Your Views on Various Events

Top Blogging Site

Blogging is a great way to expresses your passion for your hobbies, to connect with the world, to connect on a personal level with other blogs or to promote a business. Finding the Best Blogging Platform regarding your needs is very important as blogging is much more than just writing or posting photos.

If you want to practice writing skills and want to create a following then you can establish your brand or can also use blogging as a marketing tool to increase site traffic. If you are a beginner then you have to choose those Top Blogging Sites that cater to beginners. While, if you have been blogging from some time then the option to change HTML or CSS code for coding is more important for you.

As a blogger, it’s a tough choice for you to go for a paid platform or a free platform, but there are some blogging platforms that provide both free and paid services through which your small blog can turn into a big hit. So, here is the List of Blog Sites that serves as the perfect platform for bloggers;


The is best known for its flexibility, custom blogs, and tech-savvy bloggers. has some of the very powerful blogging tools which include over 54,000 plugins choosing from design tools and newsletter systems. It also includes full customization through coding. is a Best Blogging Platform, free and open source software that has helped millions of people to launch their blogs online. The is a very popular site which can be shown as it powers 24% of all websites. is an open source platform that means it is free to use. This blogging platform is best for online businesses, business blogs, professional bloggers, and for those bloggers who wants to take full control over their websites.


2. Medium:-

Medium is one of the Best Blogging Platform that was founded in the year 2012 by one of the people behind Twitter. Along with the ability to write blog posts, it also comes included with some of the social networking functions. It comes with great user interface and elegant writing experience as their main focus is on the content and not on the running or designing the sites around it. But there are very less marketing options present for the users due to very fewer customization options available. This site is among the top sites from List of Blog Sites as it is perfect for hobby bloggers or for the writers who want to build their skills and brands.


3. Tumblr:-

Tumblr is one of the Top Blogging Sites which is a microblogging platform optimized for a short form of content. It can also be taken as a middle ground between Wordpress and Twitter. This Tumblr platform is free to use and easy to set up but optical costs are included for a custom domain and third party themes and apps. Tumblr is the Best Blogging Platform that includes hosting and is integrated with some social features like reblogging and sharing. Many design opportunities are included in it which is easy to change. Tumblr is very easy to publish multimedia like videos, GIFs, audio, and images.


4. Blogspot:-

This Blogspot service is free to use and has been around for a long time. This Best Blogging Platform was founded in the year 1999 and was acquired by Google in 2003. The users who are beginners in the field of blogging can use this site which is known as the Top Blogging Site for beginners. This site comes with anti comment and tracking spam measures along with some of the mobile-optimized templates. Blogspot allows the users to edit HTML and can also add widgets to the blog. This website is perfect for hobby bloggers and personal bloggers.


5. Wix:-

Wix is one of the Best Blogging Platform and is very similar to another platform named as Squarespace. This Wix platform allows you to put together your web presence with the help of drag and drop features. Wix comes with various free stacks of images along with the blogging ability that you can add to your site. This Top Blogging Site is subscription-based and offers different packages starting at a price of $5/ month for the subscription for 1 GB of bandwidth along with the 500 MB storage plus the ability to connect a custom domain. Even on the paid plans of Wix, the E-commerce capabilities are limited.



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