8 Best RTX Games With High-Resolution Game Experiences

Best RTX games

In 2018, Nvidia introduced RTX to hit the gaming market with new graphic technology. RTX stands for Ray Tracing Texel eXtreme, a popular technology used to increase lighting effects and upgrade graphics. In virtual gaming, RTX technology accelerates the overall experience with great visualisation and light effects. It is a variant of Geforce; RTX cards integrate with GPU (Graphic Processing Units) and use real-time ray tracing to transform video and make it look more appealing. Recently, Nvidia has rolled out RTX 2080 Ti, 2080, 2070, and 2060 cards. 

Video gaming has been dependent on direct and indirect input devices for tracing. Keeping track of light rays is difficult for a normal GPU and requires a high power supply. RTX cards' GPU allows you to fine-tune lightning and colour effects to enhance virtual game effects. 

Here, we are enlisting the best RTX games you can enjoy with the ultimate HD resolutions and optimum light effects. 

Cyberpunk 2077

It is one of the best RTX games launched in 2020 to bring an edge to PC gaming with the best implementation of ray-traced lightning. The game features DLSS3 with frame generation that utilises AI to stabilise framerates. Recently, developers have expanded the feature with Phantom Library, levelling up graphical fidelity to improve quality across all RTX GPUs, and making it the best RTX games to play. The Cyberpunk 2077 theme revolves around a secret agent storyline; developers utilise the best tracing to upgrade the animated effects. 


In August 2019, Remedy Entertainment-backed game Control became the first video game to combine multiple RTX lightning effects. It has ultimately renewed technology RTX to create impressive visuals with elements such as shadows, reflections, and indirect diffuse lightning. The after-effects uplift the gaming experiences by creating a realistic impact with action and a thriller theme of supernaturals. With RTX technology, developers can improve the overall cinematographic presentation of the storyline.

Metro Exodus 

Another best RTX game is Metro Exodus, which makes perfect integration for ray tracing. The launch of RTX illumination in the game adds a visual feast with light effects. Metro Exodus is the finest shooting game with high visuals of isolated locations that require the best shadow effect with traced lightning. You can set the resolution to 1080p with high RTX mode for better-enhanced clarity on visuals. The enhancement made the performance faster and preset the multi-user selectable quality. 

Alan Wake 2 

Another game by Remedy Entertainment is Alan Wake 2, which implements enhanced RTX ray tracing technology and falls under the best RTX games. With the game launch with DLSS 3.5, developers used ray reconstruction, an AI-based model, to create intense clarity for graphics. Alan Wake 2 is a dark game featuring contrasting cinematic visuals of the Pacific Northwest for players on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox series XIS. With RTX effects, players can enjoy playing around thick dark game locations along with dimming lights. 

Doom Eternal 

On the list of best RTX games, Doom Eternal has the perfect example of integrating ray tracing for enhanced user experience. It features striking reflection and mirror effects that transform the gaming experience completely. Back then, darkness in the game locations overshadowed the landscape's visuals; with ray tracing, it looks more natural and blends with scenes of metal walls and dark tunnels. 

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered

RTX solidified Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered with a series of updates to make it look more real and satisfying. As there was less frame rate and lower graphical fidelity, with ray tracing, the visuals appeared brighter and contrasted. As the game's main character, Spider-Man, swings around a large skyscraper window, RTX makes the reflections more abstract and realistic.

Resident Evil Village 

You can upgrade your playing experience with Resident Evil Village. The game looks good with ray-tracing features that add more natural lighting to dark spaces. If you are a fan of detailing in virtual games, you should go for RTX mode. Ray tracing fixes all the dark spots and glorifies corner spaces to elevate gaming experiences. 


It has been the oldest in the list yet the best RTX games you can play. It has distinct visual compilations with blocks that get enhanced with ray tracing. RTX has redefined Minecraft games as players witness the great differences in-game navigation with advanced lighting technology. It has uplifted the playing fun with good illustrations of landscapes and multiple light impressions on dark corners. 

Play The Best RTX Games For Fun!

Enjoying video games with a headset on and emerging into the virtual gaming world offers great enjoyment. You can pick your favourite RTX game from the list of best RTX games and enhance your system capabilities with high-definition visuals. Stay ahead with the technology and buy the latest RTX graphic card to play for unlimited fun! 

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