Top 10 Best Plex Plugins 2021 That Work (5th Is Our Best)

Best Plex Plugins 2021

Plex is undoubtedly one of the best media player systems or software suites, famous for it’s attractive & easy user interface and feature to manage and play a wide range of movies, music, and TV shows. But, that’s not all you could do with the plex media player. It is feature-packed software. However, you will need some sort of Plex Plugins to expand its functionalities or use it at its full potential. 

In the beginning, it was offering plugins to install and get access to global content and popular TV shows around the world. Unfortunately, Plex shut down its plug service and hung upon the passionate viewers. It saddened thousands of its users with this decision and since then it has become absolutely tough to find and install Plex Plugins that actually work.

Though there are thousands of articles and blogs related to plex plugins online, none of them address the right issue and contain any precise solution or Plex Plugins that work. That’s why we have personally tested hundreds of plugins on the Plex app and shortlisted the top 10 best Plex Plugins that are worth installing. We are sure that you’d love these plugins to install and use on your plex media.

1. Trakt Scrobbler

It is one of the best Plugins for Plex Media Player ranked among the top logins to Plex. You can download it from any browser or find it on the web tools. It comes with plenty of exciting features such as progress tracking options in TV shows and movies on Plex. You can create your playlist based on the rating it provides. The Trakt Scrobbler actually syncs with your medial player and classified the most-viewed web series and TV shows.

2. Cigaras IPTV

With the association of thousands of TV networks around the world, IPTV is second among the best Plex Plugins. The Cigaras IPTV allows you to watch your favorite broadcasts unless they are geo-restricted. Apart from this, you can add more content online using M3U Playlist URLs that can be found via a simple Google Search. Apart from all these features, IPTV includes customized Chanel categories, personalized channel logos, and on-screen guide programs as well.

3. Kitana

It was the first plugin to be available when Plex decided to shut down its official plugin support. Earlier, it was not much popular but since its separation from Plex Plugins Directory, it has become one of the best plugins for plex. One of the most amazing features is that it allows you to manage multiple plex servers at once. Additionally, the remote capabilities enable users to use it with a VPN to protect their personal information and data.

4. Manga Here

Hello! It’s Manga here. Continued to be one of the top Plex PLugins in 2021, ‘Manga Here’ was discovered for the Manga lovers. If you love watching Manga Anime and reading Manga Comics online, it is perhaps the best plugin to install on your Plex Player. It simply diverts the route of Mangas to your Plex media player without any interruption or unauthorized and unsafe access to other websites.

5. WebTools

We must say that it’s one plugin for all your needs. It is undoubtedly the best Plex Plugin in 2021, but we couldn’t place it on top because of some safety features. Otherwise, WebTool is undoubtedly the best Plex Plugin that can be available. With this advanced plugin, you can add several features to get more administrative control over Plex Media Player’s core functions. Some of its primary features include;

Log Viewer: It enables you to check logs of plex server activities and plugins using a dedicated web interface.

Manage Subtitles: With this, you can download additional subtitles and check their content as well.

Unsupported App Store: It allows download, install, removes, and update plugins.

FindMedia: Using this you can find files on your hard disk that failed to sync to your Plex Server.

6. TheaterTrailers

If you want your own server on Plex to create a theater experience at home, TheaterTrailers is perhaps the best plugin for Plex. It provides you a wide range of information including the yet-to-be-released movies and TV shows on Plex Media Player. Why this is the best Plex Plugin because it automatically plays the trailer of the latest or upcoming movie before your video begins. These are then automatically removed when the film is released publically.

7. FilmOn

And, here is another one of the best Plex Plugins in 2021. This TV streaming plugin provides you a free experience of cable TV. With the FilmOn plugin, you can stream nearly any channel including sports, comedy, movies, etc. It offers access to almost every global content, movies, or TV shows without any demographic restriction. So, if you want to see an Indian channel in the USA or UK, FilmOn is the best plugin to install on Plex Player.

Note: You will be charged to stream paid content.

8. Plex Export

As the name suggests, another one of the best Plex Plugins allows you to video your Plex library without accessing the server. Plex Export is the best Plex Plugin for creating an interactive and available HTML Page for you and others to browse. Your content will be displayed by section, and there would be a number of live filters to run a quick check for what’s newly available on the server.

9. Tautulli

If you want to track users on your Plex server, you can do it manually, but it would be slightly challenging to track the activities if the number is big. That’s where Tautulli comes as one of the best Plex Plugins for user tracking. You can track watch time and shows watched by other users on the same server you’re on. All these can be done very quickly in real-time.

10. IceFilms

Do you love Roku? If yes, IceFilms is the must-have plex Plugin for you. What it does is redirecting the shows to your plex servers from Roku’s network. Additionally, you can update your email address to get the latest notification from Roku directly on your mobile. It comes with plenty of exciting features yet we place it on 10 because it sometimes doesn’t work as required because it never upgrades the server on GitHub.

So, here you check the top 10 best Plex Plugins in 2021 that actually work. We hope you found the one you’ve been looking for. Let us know in the comment box which of the aforementioned Plex Plugins amazed you with the advanced features or else.

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