Top 10 Essential And Incredibly Useful Best Gadgets Of 2019

Best Gadgets Of 2019

When you want only the best gadgets in your life, money does not matter in that case. In this current world, we are only 2 steps away from becoming a popular cyborg. Once we upload our consciousnesses to the cloud and get rid of some of our annoying bodily functions, then we can become fully integrated with technology.

We are not long into 2019, but we have experienced the launch of some of the various useful and amazing gadgets which can be very essential in your day to day life. To help you overcome the problem of researching the best superior tech for your use, we have already listed some of the essential and incredibly useful best gadgets of 2019, which can be stated as follows:

1. Amazon Wristband:

Amazon has planned to launch a wrist-worn device that can be connected with a Smartphone. This wristband lets you determine the speaker’s mood. After that, it will respond depending upon their voice. Alexa voice software team, Amazon fire phone, and Echo smart speaker are participating together to develop this product. This wrist band will easily recognize wearers’ emotional state from his/her voice and help them to overcome it.

2. One Plus 7 Pro:

OnePlus 7 pro is the feverishly designed Smartphone which is one of the Best gadgets of 2019. OnePlus referred there latest Smartphone as the Flagship killers, due to the amazing function of 5G network support. Along with this, the Wrap charging technology, the fastest technology to charge any device, is available which offers a long time power backup for your device. The Immersive display, great performance, and awesome cameras make this device as one of the best gadgets of 2019.


3. Sonos Wireless Home Theatre:

It is very essential to have a good quality speaker which can provide the best sound quality while playing with the home theatre. Sonos fulfills all the requirements one need in their home theatre making it one of the best gadgets of 2019. Sonos wireless home theatre includes Sonos Play: 1 (very small and amazing speaker), Sonos One (spectacular speaker), Sonos Play: 3 (smallest and the affordable speaker), Sonos Play: 5 (largest of the all speakers included in this home theatre), Sonos Playbase (very sleek and slim speaker).


4. Nubia Red Magic 3:

Nubia Red Magic 3 is the next level gaming Smartphone which is introduced with the inbuilt active cooling system. This great Smartphone having some amazing features like a magnificent battery, great configuration along with mesmerizing cameras and storage, which makes it one of the best gadgets of 2019. A fan for active cooling present inside this amazing Smartphone consists of an ultra-low power consumption feature.


5. Huawei Smart Eyewear:

Huawei Smart Eyewear is the latest semi-smart glasses which is also included in the list of the best gadgets of 2019. This Smart Eyewear is said to be semi-smart as the side frames of this Eyewear are smart and the glasses in front are normal. The side frames of this device come included with dual mics and speakers to help to answer calls with a single tap for all the users.


6. Google Wi-Fi Wireless Router:

Google Wi-Fi Router is one of the best wireless routers which can set up multiple Google Wi-Fi devices. It has robust network strength with which you can do video calls without dropping a single network. Google router comes with the best design and swift setup. This router has a white cylindrical shape and a white LED band in its center. Google Wi-Fi system app will set up the network by scanning the QR code. This router delivers high speed in every room or corner of a particular house, where it gets placed.


7. Honor 20:

The latest Honor 20 is one of the best gadgets of 2019 as it consists of an amazing quad rear camera lens of 48 MP + 16 MP + 2 MP + 2 MP. This latest Smartphone is powered up with an exceptional HiSilicon Kirin 980 octa-core processor. The Honor 20 is included with some of the mesmerizing features like excellent display with an aluminum frame, powerful performance, and great quad camera lenses.


8. GM’s E-Bike:

GM has launched its new electric bike recently. They also gave a name to this bike which is “ARIV”. This electric bike has the feature of connecting with an app via Bluetooth. With this process riders can easily calculate their distance traveled, remaining battery level, speed, and motor assist level. ARIV has some distinct safety features such as rechargeable front, oversized brake rotors and LED safety lights. In addition to that, this electric bike is soon going to have a feature of the proprietary algorithm. It will help the riders to arrive at their destination on time.


9. Vivo IQOO:

Vivo IQOO is a gaming smartphone which is packed with triple camera and Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 octa-core processor. VIVO includes super liquid cooling technology in this new device. Vivo IQOO is equipped with the latest version of Android which is Android 9.0 (pie). It has a built-in display fingerprint sensor and is based on Fun-touch OS out-of-the-box. This phone has various performance boosters like Net Turbo, AI Turbo, Cooling Turbo, Centre Turbo, and Game Turbo.


10. Lenovo Smart clock:

This smart clock is designed to reduce Smartphone screen-time at night. With the help of this device, you can unwind and sleep better. You can play your favorite music across your home with this smart clock. You can set up your morning routine and get to know about local traffic, weather and sports news. This smart clock is equipped with Google Assistant which works seamlessly with over 10,000 smart home devices.



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