How AR & VR Can Improve Fashion Industry And Retail?

AR And VR In Fashion Industry

Whether or not you have an interest in exploring future-technologies, you must know Augmented & Virtual reality. Laced with the potential to redefine the industries, AR & VR technology has increased rapidly in a few years and perhaps it may begin the 5th industrial revolution. From healthcare to automotive & aerospace, it has influenced nearly every industry. So, in the fashion industry & retail sector. It has deployed plenty of incredible solutions for customers & business owners and anticipated to continue. 

With the potential to help organizations grow by increasing customer satisfaction rate, augmented & virtual reality can introduce business owners to amazing benefits. Actually, the fashion industry is perhaps one among the most demanded industries in today’s world and customer satisfaction matters a lot here. With the advantages of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and other future-proof technology, AI & VR will not only improve customer service rate but also influence your clientele in the most possible manner. 

Apart from providing customers with the freedom to make the right choice while purchasing a specific material, it helps them with virtual try-on 3D. It’s perhaps the most revolutionary step that one could take to expand their business. In India, renowned online clothing stores like Myntra, Amazon and Flipkart haven't tried this yet, However, they are working on it. Here we've mentioned our ideas, how adopting AR & VR will help the fashion industry and retailers and the benefits they can add to their business along with an enhanced customer commitment rate.

1. In-store 3D Models for Customer Engagement

How do you shop? Of course, first you get influenced by someone, check that dress online, visit the store, check out various options, and then add one to your cart. This is the most traditional way which takes too long and Millenials, who are the future shoppers, cannot afford wasting this much time. Here the virtual reality hits the podium. It not only helps in narrowing the shelves & sections, but also enables customers to pick the right one after getting over various 3D models trials. 

With its usability and approach, VR reality based 3D models have become the most recommended customer engagement model for today’s customers. Fitting is not an issue unless you’re too thin or fat, but getting 360° view is quite tough. Lacked with future-proof technologies, Virtual & Augmented reality based 3D scanners can help here. VR technique will allow customers to check their selected dress on models in 3D that will provide an aerial view from all angles. It’s not only time effective, but also precise. 

If you’re striving to boost your sales, VR can help you with its range of interesting features, including digital signage and advertisement. Ray-Ban has already been in this way and experienced an exceptional rise in customers after adopting this technology. 

2. Virtual Try-on 3D for In-store and Mobile Applications

Just like various filters of Snapchat, fashion retailers will soon harness virtual reality to enable customers to try in 3D. VR & AR based 3D scanners will redefine the entire fashion industry. With an estimated value of $406 billion, the global fashion industry captures most of the world’s economy using this advanced technology. 

However, there are several companies like Myntra, Gap, Wannaby, and Tenth street hat that are using virtual try-on and have experienced a huge rise in their overall sales. Most leading brands are currently working on 3D Avatars also called Virtual Human that will help storekeepers in a more pogressive way.

3D avatars will help shoppers visualize themselves and how the dress will appear after wearing. Apart from enhancing decision making, it will ensure increased customer satisfaction. 

3. Redefining Stores and Customer Services

Customers are coming and going with bags full of clothes, what else would a fashion retailer expect? Modern virtual reality is way more advanced than the past and also includes reshaping your store and clientele. Putting a virtual 3D mirror to any corner of your store will help customers visualize if their dress is looking nice or not. So, they can try on various outfits. It will not only increase your outcomes, but also influences the way shoppers shop. 

For example, you’re running a wedding attire store. Now, weddings are perhaps the most beautiful part of one’s life and people leave no stone unturned to make it wonderful. From catering to wedding attires, they want everything to be perfect. In this case, Virtual reality based 3d dressing rooms can help them visualize their dress in the most realistic manner. With the help of graphic designers, shoppers can simply add some pre-designed dresses to the algorithm of the system and customers can choose which dress suits their body style. 

Today’s technology is so advanced that customers can even see yourself doing a catwalk on the ramp while they’re actually standing in the store. From cosmetics, sunglasses, hats to various lifestyle factors have been influenced by this technology. And gradually the augmented & virtual reality will take over so-called admirers. 

Virtual reality could definitely become the most powerful channel for customer-brand interaction. ECommerce is gradually increasing across the world, therefore in this scenario, it would be a good initiative to take steps towards successful online brands integration. According to research conducted by Metal in conjunction with Tufts University and the Kellogg School of Management, the company’s AR application can boost sales by 22 percent.

However, there’s still some doubts because most companies have physical stores and customers also love shopping in-store rather than online. Market giants have observed that while it’s rare for physical stores to not be influenced by the online marketplace, Inditex’s innovation for its major fashion brand Zara proves that brick-and-mortar can still top the market with virtual & augmented reality technology. 

What's Next You Can See in the Fashion Industry Through Augmented Reality?

The fashion industry is now recognizing the benefits of adopting augmented & virtual reality in their businesses. And how it can influence their showcase and market products as well. They are gradually understanding, whether it's a physical store or online brand, virtual reality will increase the overall sales and improve customer interaction. It will certainly be the most powerful customer engagement model. Virtual reality will improve the customer’s shopping experience and more & more customers will switch to online shopping if it’s provided with a 3D dressing room. And customer satisfaction is what matters the most. 


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