Apps Like Instagram That Will Boost Your Business Reach

Apps Like Instagram

Instagram is ruling the Social Media world. There are almost 1.2 billion users on Instagram, out of which over 200 million are business accounts. Despite this popularity, a few people search for apps like Instagram to expand their business reach. 

With the advancement of technology, many photo and video-sharing apps have been developed to set their foot in the competitive market. We have come up with a comprehensive list of Instagram alternatives. 

In case Instagram is down or you need to increase your business reach, you should know about other apps like Instagram. Check out the list and choose the best one. 


If you are focusing on your business reach, Pinterest can do wonders. It is among the best apps like Instagram for Android, iOS, and web users when you are looking for a mobile-friendly app. Pinterest, in general, is a photo-sharing platform with over 750 million ideas of different niches; art & craft, career life, and others. It also connects you to other websites, which provide detailed information about your business. Overall, Pinterest algorithms are business-friendly, making it one of the best apps like Instagram. 


In the Social Media world, Facebook is another popular platform with almost 2.96 billion monthly active users. The app is used worldwide for advertising a brand through Social Media Optimization. What else? Facebook integrates with other social media apps like Instagram to provide convenience. Not only this ━ Facebook is similar to Instagram in different ways; for example, it allows users to add stories, go Live, share images & videos, etc. Facebook has messenger, so you can consider it one of the chatting apps like Instagram. 


Twitter is the talk of the town in the modern world. Millions of people use this app to share their thoughts & ideas and know current affairs. Just one click on the Bird-like icon on smartphones, and you will get the latest news from worldwide. Twitter has recently become immensely popular due to its advanced features like photos, videos, and text sharing. Users can review comments, and view images, GIFs, and videos on this platform, just like Instagram. More often than not, it is increasingly used by celebrities or politicians to share news and thoughts, but other people can also use this. 


Flickr is one of the oldest social media platforms, which allows users to post, share, and discuss photos and video material. Though Flickr is not as vibrant as Instagram, it is famous for its image storage and sharing features. People consider it one of the best apps like Instagram, because of its cloud-like interface and free photo storage provided to the users. Flickr is free to download, but you need to pay if you want some additional features like ad-free browsing, status on your photos view, etc. This is among the apps like Instagram for Android and iOS users. 


Snapchat is one of the popular apps like Instagram if you are looking for a platform that offers you to update stories. The popularity of Snapchat is massive because it provides numerous features, such as a camera with multiple filters, video sharing, status updates, etc. Only some of the features of Snapchat will resemble Instagram, but it allows people to share photos and videos to close friends. It is free to download, and Android and iOS users can use it. With so much popularity, more and more people are using this app to click innovative and blemish-free photos. 


If you want an effective platform to increase your brand visibility, give Tumblr a try. Tumblr is a microblogging platform, making it an excellent platform for small and large businesses seeking worldwide popularity. This visual social media platform offers hashtags that make it one of the prominent apps like Instagram. An additional feature of Tumblr that Instagram does not provide is Profile Page & Feed customization. You might miss going Live and stories, though. If you want to use the best apps like Instagram for Android and iOS, Tumblr is the one. 

The H Hub 

The H Hub is a community-driven social media platform that stands it out among apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. It is the best app that acts as a matchmaker for the brands and creators such as Models, Photographers, Videographers, Makeup artists, and Stylists. The app has several features, including advanced features, user ratings, job postings, in-app messaging, and notifications, making it the best Instagram alternative. Users can upload, share and edit their portfolios and get the stats about their followers, likes, comments, and posts. The best thing about The H Hub is users can buy a membership to manage and get high-quality content. 

New apps like Instagram: There is always a chance for new things

Trends take time to establish their feet in the competitive market. However, there is always a chance to take over the recent market by creating new features and improving the current ones. The above-mentioned apps like Instagram are the best example. 

Success is definite if you choose the right way. If brand success is your priority, you need to think differently. Above listed are the new apps like Instagram that will boost your brand creation and take it to another level (if you use them for business purposes). Otherwise, they are great chatting apps like Instagram. Choose the most suitable one and download it now!


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