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It's true that some apps consume a lot of battery life. They do consume a significant amount of RAM on your smartphone, as well as a significant amount of battery power. These are usually app killer programmes that have a problem and need to be uninstalled and reinstalled in order to operate correctly. Others simply want to wield power. How can you figure out which apps are draining your battery?

Both Android and iOS include built-in task managers that show you which apps are operating in the background, how much battery is being used and other useful information. You may utilise the built-in capabilities or download an app killer that simplifies the process. 

Why Are Task Killers Harmful For Your Phone?

App killer applications create an illusion that Android consumes a lot of RAM - in truth, Android stores a lot of programmes in its memory, filling it up! That isn't a negative thing, though. Android does not have to load apps from its slower storage because they are stored in your RAM.

RAM that is empty is worthless. Full RAM refers to memory that is being used to cache programmes. If Android requires extra memory, it will immediately force-quit an app you haven't used in a while — all without the need to install any task killers.

App killer applications aren't only ineffective; they may also lower productivity. If you use a task killer to delete an app from your RAM and then reopen it, the app will load slower since Android will have to load it from your device's storage. This will also consume more battery power than if you simply left the software in RAM, to begin with. After the task killer terminates them, certain programmes will automatically restart, consuming additional CPU and battery resources.

Whether RAM is full or empty, it consumes the same amount of battery power - reducing the number of programmes in RAM will not increase battery life or provide additional CPU cycles.

List of Best Android Auto App Killers

We've compiled a list of the best apps for saving battery life, hibernating and boosting your Android phone, and much more. Each application has its own set of rules and regulations.


Greenify is the finest free Android app killer for putting any Android app to sleep quickly and elegantly. It's well-designed software with an intuitive user interface. One of the finest features of this programme is its capacity to detect which applications are rapidly depleting resources, particularly those that are draining the battery. You may quickly put bothersome programmes to sleep from there, preventing them from using system resources.


ShutApp is among the most useful app killer applications for Android, allowing you to quit battery-draining apps right away. Although you may do so manually, the inactive applications will start up again, making all of your efforts pointless. Fortunately, any apps that ShutApp closes stay closed and do not resume right afterwards. Even on unrooted handsets, the app is capable of immediately shutting off background apps.

Task Killer

Task Killer is an easy-to-use software that allows you to terminate programmes with no effort. It shows a list of apps that are now operating on your smartphone right on the main screen. The app killer has a checkbox on the right side that you must click if you want the app to be removed. After you've selected the programmes you don't think deserve to use system resources, hit the large green "Kill Selected" button, and the app will shut down.

Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster

In the digital age, Kaspersky is a well-known app killer. For Android phones and tablets, it is completely free to use. The best aspect about Kaspersky is that it monitors all of your programmes and analyses each one to provide you with precise battery usage statistics. It also sends you notifications when any of your programmes use too much power, allowing you to take action. It's one of the best and most intelligent battery optimization apps on the market.

Advanced Task Manager

Advanced Task Manager is indeed one of the best and most highly rated Android task managers on the Google Play Store. Because it has  RAM cleaning, app killer, battery optimizer, and other features, it may be used as an Android optimization app. The Advanced Task Manager gives users the option of killing programmes manually or automatically. You can kill programmes, games, set up a regular kill, startup kill, and more in manual mode. In Auto Mode, the programme shuts down all background apps and processes.

List of Best iOS Auto App Killer Applications

iOS include built-in task managers that optimize the apps running in the background and other related information. Either you can use that or you can use one of the below-mentioned applications.

SYS Activity Manager 

SYS Activity Manager for Memory, Processes, Disk, Battery, Network, Device Stat & Performance Monitoring is a process management software for iPhones and iPads that also works as an app killer. Fixes issues with iOS 8 and newer devices.


iMonitor is a system information monitor that displays real-time utilisation of memory, storage, CPU, and data. It works with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch as an app killer. Shenzhen UniversalWind Technology Co., Ltd. created it.

System Status Lite 

System Status is the best app killer for monitoring and improving the performance of your device. It shows battery and disc consumption, network connections, and carrier information, as well as sophisticated system information including the kernel version, RAM page statistics, routing table, system log, and CPU cache information.


SYS Pro is a real-time monitoring programme for system data. It has capabilities such as a monitoring data plug-in that can keep up with the device's data.  It can also manage the app data and function on iPhones and can work as an app killer.

System Monitor Ultimate

System Activity Monitor Ultimate is free app killer software that displays basic information about your phone, including hardware, operating system, GOU, memory, storage, and battery.

Final Words

It is strongly advised that you should not just kill, disable or delete all of the apps on your Android smartphone or tablet. The majority of them are regarded vital for the efficient operation of your smartphone and will automatically resume.

So, when you go on a spree of using an app killer, be judicious and don't go overboard. Many programmes are now tuned to operate silently and cleanly in the background, reducing the amount of time they consume system resources. And there's no purpose in keeping a bad-behaving app on your phone or tablet for the rest of your life.


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