7 Best Fitness Tracker Watch And Band

Best Fitness Tracker Watch

Fitness is essential to live happily and stress-free but nowadays work keeps everyone busy to do exercise and track it. Howbeit, why need to worry when you live in a digital era. Technology is always there to aid you in every situation and fitness bands and fitness tracker watch are few wearables which lend you a hand in leading a healthy life. Best budget fitness tracker is the most economical, fitness-focused and lightweight device measures sleep and count steps. On the contrary, fitness tracker watches serve a purpose of an extension to a smartphone delivering notifications, messages and phone calls and much more to your wrist. The gap between the purpose of fitness bands and smartwatches are widening due to the introduction of full-featured wearables dedicated to both communications and health.  You will find countless options for a smart wearable which can motivate you to be more active, log your sleep patterns and track your calories. We are providing you with a list of 7 best fitness tracker watch and bands to make the buying process a little easier. So here goes the list:

  • FITBIT Charge 3 –

With OLED screen, aluminium case and interchangeable watch straps this is going to be the best fitness tracker 2019, at least we can say it now. Fitbit charge 3 is gradually but surely making its way to be parallel with the best fitness bands and tracker watches. It has an excellent battery, a touch screen display and an affordable price of $149 (13,999 INR). It is useful and kind of trendy to wear all day in a meeting and in the gym also.




  • Garmin Vivosmart 4 –

This Garmin Vivosmart 4 is equipped with heart rate monitor which tracks your beats per minute for all the time which makes this best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor. It has “Garmin’s Move IQ software” and “rep counting” for weight lifters; moreover, you won’t find this in many fitness trackers. This fitness band is a boon for forgetful minds. Hence, no need to worry when you forget to start a workout manually the tracker will detect the changes in BPM and start logging for you. What more could a fitness freak ask for!  It will cost you around $129.




  •  Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro –

This fitness tracker can be said the best fitness band India because of its sleekness and lightweight. It has a healthy dose of smartwatch capability, store and stream music, water resistance and inbuilt GPS. With so many qualities it seems as the costliest one but much to your surprise it is only for $200 (13,990 INR). It has a 1.2 inch Super AMOLED screen and 320*320 resolutions. It gives you data about daily steps, calories burned and flights of stairs climbed. It is capable of sending notifications for Twitter, Facebook, text messages and phone calls.




  • Fitbit Alta HR

This fitness band provides 24/7 heart rate monitoring with the help of the company’s PurePulse technology. It features the flashing green LEDs on the tracker which detects changes in the flow of blood; moreover, this data is used to calculate heart rate’s beats per minute (BPM). So it shows the signs of best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor. It makes you understand your sleep patterns through determining your deep, light and REM sleep time. It will cost you around $129 (18970 INR).




  • Fitbit Surge Ultimate –

This band can be considered as the best fitness band India as it comes with a large rectangular display which can be used as both a watch and a smart band. It will give you accurate data as it tracks your calorie burn using automatic wrist-based heart rate monitoring. It gives you up to 7 days of battery life and shows you text and call notifications. It has multi-sport functionality and can control songs from the mobile playlist. In India, it will cost you around with a hefty price of Rs. 24,995.




  • Apple Watch Series 4 –

This is the best fitness tracker watch for iOS users as it is the chief upgrade for the Series 4 over the previous- generation Apple watches. It has the electrocardiogram (ECG) app which is certified by the Food & Drug Administration. This feature makes this fitness tracker watch the first over-the-counter ECG alternative for consumers. Besides smartwatch features, it has plenty of fitness-oriented features like GPS tracking, on-board heart rate monitoring and record changes in altitude. It will cost around $529 (43900 INR).




  • TomTom Spark 3 –

This watch comes under the third best fitness watch which is also the most feature-rich as it can upload and listen to music directly from the watch without any help from the smartphone. It has more impressive features like GPS tracking, route navigation and heart rate monitor which enable this to watch a great wrist companion amidst discovering new places. It will cost around 25,631 INR.     




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