iPhone 14: Everything We Know So Far, Features And Expected Price

Apple iPhone 14

We have almost completed two months in 2022, but the buzz around iPhone 14: Everything we know so far is increasing with every passing day. Leakers and tech buzz have begun speculations around the launch of the new iPhone this year. 

Apple launches new phones every now and then, and most models receive more controversy than the actual launch. Though the company have not made any official announcement regarding iPhone 14, rumours around iPhone 14: Everything we know so far is surprising and promising at the same time. 2022 is said to be the year for the launch of the iPhone 14; leakers assume that the phone will be launched around the month of September. 

If you are wondering how the phone would be and what are the things around iPhone 14: Everything we know so far, dive right in. We guess that the model would be an upgraded version of the iPhone 13. The rumours suggest that we will be given a brand new design for iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 max and iPhone 14 pro max. We can also expect some changes in the camera, battery and model design. If you are willing to know about iPhone 14: everything we know so far, stick to the blog as you may notice some promising points that are likely to be seen on the phone.

iPhone 14: Everything We Know So Far

Apple iPhone series have witnessed a plethora of leaks in the last few years. Gadget buffs have made it clear that they are not stopping anytime soon. There were rumours around the launch of the iPhone 13 as well, and some points were proven right after the launch. However there were some updates that failed to show in iPhone 13, and we assume these changes would be well established in the upcoming model. 

If you are willing to know about the speculations surrounding iPhone 14: everything we know so far, these details would certainly blow your mind. 

1. iPhone 14 Launch Date 

If you are an iPhone user or have been an Apple customer for a long time, you would know that Apple unveils new models of iPhones in the month of September. This would be the expected time for iPhone 14 as well. 

2. Display Or Size Of iPhone 14

With the information we collected about iPhone 14: everything we know so far, the size would change this year. A few years back,  Apple launched a mini-series of iPhone with a 5.4-inch display, but the customers are not showing their interest in the series. To increase the sales of the iPhone 14, Apple is planning to launch the display around 6.1 inches. However, iPhone 14 max and iPhone 14 pro max are expected a display of 6.7 inches. You can also expect an OLED display of 1284 x 2778 on pro and max pro. 

3. Estimated Price Of iPhone 14  

Until now the exact price of the iPhone 14 is unknown to anyone. Apple is working in complete secrecy and has not reviled any idea regarding the price of the iPhone. But the rumours and iPhone 14: everything we know so far suggests the prices would lie similar to iPhone 13. That is $799 or 60 thousand rupees would be the starting price for iPhone 14. 

4. Camera In iPhone 14 

In iPhone 14: everything we know so far, it is expected that the phone could have a 48-megapixel main camera. It is rumoured that there would also be triple cameras, but with the thicker body on iPhone 14, the bump of the camera would be eliminated easily. You will get lenses, flash, LiDAR scanner and pan camera in the new phone. 

5. Design Of iPhone 14 

The model would probably look like iPhone 13, however, you can expect some changes in the iPhone 14 pro and pro max. There could be a punch hole camera in iPhone 14 instead of a notch. The new model can also have a titanium frame with redesigned speakers, a better display, and microphone grills. Apple can also launch a vapour chamber in the iPhone 14 for faster cooling that can minimize the impact of 5G connectivity. 

6. Battery In iPhone 14 

Batteries on iPhone 14 are not much talked about. In iPhone 14: everything we know so far suggests that the battery capacity of the phone would increase. As the phone is said to be ticker the battery would definitely be stronger with larger. We expect easy charging and long battery backup in iPhone 14. 

Wrapping Up 

Other speculations around the iPhone 14: everything we know so far is, that the model of iPhone 14 would consist of a powerful A16 Bionic chipset. Also, the pro models of the iPhone, are expected a storage capacity of 2TB and a RAM of 8GB. However, these are all speculations and rumours but the model of the iPhone 14 would surely surprise the users with its great performance. 

Until then you can get yourself a new iPhone 13 or other phones that suit your budget and requirements. If you have not checked the review of the iPhone 13 until now, go and know the features and qualities of the phone. 






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